In the Studio with Liesl Gibson


We just spent a full week in New York taking in the crafty goodness that it always offers. We stopped by Liesl Gibson’s studio for the first three days to shoot some great new tutorials (take a peek at some snaps below). You can get excited, we already are.

If you know Liesl or have watched her workshops before, it won’t surprise you that she brought her A game. It was hot… HOT… in Brooklyn. 90+ degrees every day plus humidity. My San Francisco blood did not remember just how taxing that heat can be. Liesl was our biggest motivator. Even though we know those studio lights were not fun to work under, she still laughed at Danny and Fernando’s jokes between takes, pointed us to the nearest iced coffee vendor, and took the whole thing in stride. After reviewing the footage for this weeks release, a sweet little girls sundress, no one could tell that it was 100 degrees in that studio. Needless to say, WE LOVE LIESL!

Speaking of Iced Coffee. I don’t know if we would have kept our cool without our morning trips to Lula Bean, a sweet little cafe on Grand street in Brooklyn. The interiors and the staff are cooler than cool, and they supplied daily greetings and jumbo iced coffees which were much needed. If you stay for lunch try their avocado olive oil sandwich. Simple and refreshing on a hot day. Don’t worry Papa November, we’re still jonesing for your cappuccinos!