How to Make Paper Valentine’s Charms – free printable PDF

photo collage of 4 different ways to use DIY paper valentine's day charms: gift tags, rings, necklaces & bracelets, and baubles

Happy Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or any day that could use some cute pink charm. Here is a printable of the tiniest little love charms that you can attach to cards, tags, jewelry, gift wrap, and more.

This could be a fun project to do with the kiddos to see what kinds of ways they come up with to use the charms. I’ve posted a few ideas below to get your creative ideas flowing. Additionally, think of all the ways you can decoupage or collage with Mod Podge. I have a little machine that makes pin-back buttons, and I can see making a cute set of pins for a jacket or backpack. Or you can print them on sticker paper and use them individually. I hope to see some of your projects in the inspiration gallery.


  • Printout of the PDF file. Use matte photo paper to get bright colors and print at 100% borderless. I usually use Epson Matte Brochure and Flyer paper or Ultra-Premium Presentation Paper.
  • Detail scissors or a mat knife and cutting mat
  • Mod Podge gloss finish for gluing and sealing
  • Glue brush
  • Freezer paper (or the non-stick backing from a sheet of stickers)
  • Tape
  • String, twine, yarn
  • Rhinestones, pompoms, and tassels
  • Paper tags

Prepare Valentine’s Charms

  1. Cut out the charms. Start by rough-cutting around each one, then cut around just the outside edges. In the heart example shown, I cut just the outside points of the heart. Then, fold the heart, matching up the points, and finish cutting both sides at once.
  2. Tape a piece of freezer paper to the table shiny-side-up. This is where you do your gluing. IMPORTANT: after you paint Mod Podge glue on the printout you can move it right away or you can wait until it is completely dry, and the glue will peel off the freezer paper. If you try to reposition the printout when it is partially dry it will rip the print.

Necklace and Bracelet

  1. Cut twine longer than you will need to account for knots and or clasps.
  2. Arrange necklace charms with the twine running through the connector tab on the fold. Arrange bracelet charms with two parallel strings running through the center of the charm.
  3. Paint the inside of the charms with glue and squeeze them together.
  4. If there are spots where the cutting doesn’t align, you can let them dry and re-trim the outside. Trim the connecter tabs on the top of the bracelet charms if you like that look.
  5. Paint the outside of the charms for a gloss finish
  6. Hang to dry or let them thoroughly dry before peeling them off the freezer paper.
  7. Decorate some with rhinestones.


  1. Tie loops of twine large enough to easily slide off your finger. (When you stiffen the twine with glue they will slide more easily.)
  2. Coat the knot with glue and place it in the center of the charm. Glue the rest of the inside of the charm and squeeze the sides together. Let dry.
  3. Trim the connector tabs and any other messy spots being careful not to cut the ring band.
  4. Paint the front and back of the charms with glue and hang to dry or leave them on the freezer paper until completely dry.
  5. Add rhinestones.

Tags and Baubles

  1. Make or buy some tiny tassels and pompoms. Raid your ephemera stash for ribbons and gift tags.
  2. Ways to attach the charms from left to right: The eye charm has two connector tabs, so I threaded the embroidery thread through the hole between them like a needle and glued the ends inside. The letter charm has one connector tab, so I braided my embroidery thread and after tying a knot at the top of the braid, I wrapped around both sides of the tab and glued the ends in the center. The lovebirds have a tiny connector tab and I wanted them to hang right-side-up on my embroidery thread, so I pierced the tab with a needle threaded with embroidery thread. Oh hey that’s another idea! How about applique the charms onto photos or any kind of paper quilting and embroidery combo? For the heart lock I simply glued both sides together and when it was dry, I used a holepunch to cut the center.
  3. Hang these baubles from presents, doorknobs or drawer pulls, loop them around a bottle or bouquet. Make a miniature bunting or garland.

Gift Wrap and More

  1. Ribbons: Paint glue on the inside of both sides of the charm. Pinch the charm around the end of a ribbon or card, like how you would attach a paperclip (see the rose example). This could be a speedy way to make a stack of classroom valentine cards. Or better yet, make a stack of ribbon bookmarks!
  2. Seals: The charms can be glued to the edge of a package in the open position to decorate a corner. Or you could place the connector tab over the flap of an envelope so the recipient has to break the tab to open the seal.
  3. Ties: Pinch the charms to the end of some yarn to make a nice cinch tie for a present or candy bag.

For more project ideas from Cleo, check out her Creativebug daily practice classes: Painting Repeat Patterns By Hand: A Daily Practice and Learn to Paint with Gouache: A Daily Practice in Questions and Answers . Cleo is a painter, author, and educator and you can see more of her art and art painting demos on her website and Patreon scarf club.