Holiday Craft Ideas & Gift Inspiration from the Creativebug Team

colorfully painted salt dough ornaments scattered on a wooden table - ornament shapes include gingerbread men, hearts, and flowers

Alert: the holidays are here! It’s time to gather all of your magical gift-making elves (you) in your bustling DIY workshop (your house) and cross all those crafty to-dos off your list.

If you’re still stuck for holiday craft ideas or gift inspiration, our December classes are a great place to start. Celebrate the Season with new Creativebug instructor Maria Carluccio and her colorful, whimsical, holiday-themed watercolor daily practice. You can frame and gift your watercolor art or turn it into cards and gift tags. On December 7th, stitch a sweet little Embroidered Snowflake Ornament with Rebecca Ringquist, and on December 14th, learn to make gorgeous Marbled Gift Wrappings with Mercedez Rex. When you’re looking for a unique finishing touch to your decor on December 21st, join Dawn M. Cardona and craft a beautiful and dimensional Woven Paper Star.

The Creativebug staff has been busy creating all kinds of holiday cheer for their loved ones, and sometimes with them, as well. See what’s been inspiring us; you’ll find some inspiration, too!

Nicola, Camera Operator / Video Editor

“Made a snowman garland advent calendar for my aunt! The scarves are felt & all the images in the flaps were painted with acrylic. It took so long!” Okay, but it was so worth it! All those little tiny paintings are incredible.

Faith, Content Editor

“My three-year-old thinks she’s having a blast painting but little does she know that she’s getting an early start on wrapping paper production.” Work smarter: outsource.

Tyffany, Digital Designer

Tyffany made some quilted stockings for her family with linen scraps. We love when you can transform leftovers into a new project that is this level of beautiful and amazing.

Katrina, Art Director

“Liv and I made salt dough ornaments after watching Courtney’s class together. I let her use my ‘big girl’ watercolors for many of these after she promised to rinse her brush between colors. We gave some of them away to family and kept some to decorate our little black tree.”

Liana, General Manager

“I baked a pretty epic black forest cake for Robb’s bday yesterday.” While this isn’t necessarily for the holidays, IT COULD BE.

Erin, Growth Marketing Manager

“Was painting holiday themed canvases with the group of girls I volunteer with to use as gifts for the holidays. I’m not usually a painter but the teenage girls thought it was amazing haha.” We think your painting is amazing, too, Erin!

Ivy, Marketing Manager

“My friend hosted a craft night to raise funds for her boys to go to the Galapagos with their school. This was my project I made!” This is is a great reminder from Ivy that you don’t have to do your holiday crafting alone, plus, you can link it to a fun cause.

Cobrina, Artist Coach

“I finished my Liz Quilted coat yesterday just in time for winter. I modified the shape a little bit and trimmed it with some small scraps of my favorite fabric. I’m happy with how it turned out and will totally make another one!”

Courtney, Editor in Chief

“All I have are some paper cut outs. Gotta kick my craft butt into action.” Courtney also shared a super cute stocking. “This is from a few years ago but I just unpacked it this weekend for Xmas and I love it so much. Holiday stocking for Luca.”

Alena, Customer Success Manager

“Toilet paper roll Christmas trees! Gotta love trying to help a toddler use scissors :joy:

Stephanie, Artist Coach & Content Editor

“Tiny Santa ornaments and tiny trees for holiday cards. I have some bigger crochet projects to complete for gifts, but I needed to start with something small and get some early wins!”