Handmade Secret Santa Gifts from the Creativebug Staff

This year, our Creativebug team decided to switch up our Secret Santa gift exchange from store-bought to handmade. While this change may have delayed our gift exchange to February, to accommodate the additional holiday crafting our team was engaged in, it also resulted in so many thoughtful handmade gifts.

Liberty Fabric Napkins by Faith for Erin

Faith was inspired by Erin’s wedding at the end of 2023 to choose a fabric that complements Erin’s aesthetic.

Heating Pad by Angie for Nicola

Everyone could use a heating pad – especially great for the Wintertime!

Learn how to make a heating pad.

Spicy, Sweet & Savory Goodies by Li for Cobrina

These snacks were inspired by Cobrina’s own Daily Practice class with Li’s unique spin!

Check out Cobrina’s class!

Patchwork Cushion by Cobrina for Stephanie

A soft cushion with a beautiful patchwork design!

Learn to make a Polk Block!

Scrap Tote Bag by Erin for Tyffany

A hand-embroidered tote bag for scraps made with scraps!

Knitted Beanie by Liana for Li

The perfect cap for Li’s chilly Canadian winters!

Ohio Star Patchwork by Tyffany for Courtney

Tyffany made this beautiful mini quilt inspired by the patchwork tattoo that Courtney has!

Learn how to make an Ohio Star Block.

Dog Painting by Courtney for Katrina

An adorable painting of Charlie (Courtney’s dog) and Ollie (Katrina’s late dog) memorialized forever.

Knitted Slipper Socks by Meghan for Liana

Liana hasn’t taken them off since!

Leather Bound Adventure Journal by Nicola for Meghan

The details are magnificent!

Mini Mushroom Ornaments & Needle Case by Stephanie for Angie

So adorable & functional!

Learn to make your own needle case and learn to make your own mushrooms!

Paper Mache Record Player by Katrina for Faith

Including a record that is a favorite in Faith’s household!