Gløgg for the Holidays


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The holidays are filled with family tradition! One of my favorite re-occuring holiday treats is mulled wine. Our founder, Jeanne and her family make Danish Glogg every year to celebrate the Holidays. Consider creating your own family food tradition this holiday season!

Syrup (make a day or two in advance)

7 cups of sugar
3 cups of water
12 cinnamon sticks
1 freshly ground nutmeg
handful of cloves
Juice & zest from 7 lemons

dissolve sugar & water in pot over medium heat.   add rest of ingredients & simmer for 30 minutes.  let rest overnight then strain & refrigerate until ready to make the Glogg.


12 bottles of red wine
4 bottles of port
1 .75ml of vodka
quart of OJ

Mix all above ingredients with the syrup. Heat & have fun.