Get to Know Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon Close Up

Have you met Lisa Congdon yet? She is one of the newest Creativebug instructors and is launching our long form classes with a four-week course on her special style of line drawing. If you’ve ever seen her work (and you probably have – she’s illustrated and sold pieces for  20 X 200, Etsy, Martha Stewart, Pottery Barn, and many, many more. Here’s a little background on the (friggin’ awesome) Lisa Congdon:

“All I’m doing is inviting the viewer to make their own story.”

– Lisa Congdon, on her art


Lisa Congdon is a fine artist and illustrator known for her use of bold colors, creative patterns, and fresh presentation. She makes prints, but has done illustrations for a pretty impressive list of clients, including Target, Chronicle Books, Poketo, Pottery Barn Teen, the Museum of Modern Art, and Martha Stewart Living Magazine. She has also written and illustrated several books. Impressive list, that.

Lisa Sketch


Lisa paint, draws, doodles (her words), sketches and does anything else a person can do with pens, paper, paint, and brushes. Themes often include her passion for nature, geometrics and folk pattern. Lisa produces mixed media, original illustrations, doodles, and all sorts of hand lettering projects. And they’re all rad. We highly recommend following her blog, Today Is Going To Be Awesome, for a daily dose of color, inspiration, and funky new fonts. If you want to feature some of Lisa’s art in your home or office, she sells archival prints in her Etsy shop.

lisa congdon reindeer


One of our favorite things about Lisa is the fact that despite coming from a very creative family, she didn’t start working as an artist until her 30s…in the midst of a successful career at an educational non-profit. She’s been a full time artist for a little over 10 years now, and it just keeps getting better.

Another important “when” will be March 4th, when Lisa’s line drawing class goes live on Creativebug. If you haven’t already, you should probably sign up now so you can doodle along with us.

Lisa walking in studio


Lisa lives in the Bay Area. A hub of creative inspiration, brilliance, and talent. Obviously — we live there too.


One last thing: Lisa’s dog, Wilfredo, is the best.


You can learn more about Lisa in this article from The Great Discontent or in a short film about her life and creative process.