From Maker to Maker

At Creativebug headquarters we are all makers of some kind. We have sewers, knitters, crocheters, painters, jewelry makers, photographers, paper artists, multimedia artists… you name, it we have it!

When we aren’t hard at work making Creativebug the best it can be for all of you, we are busy with our own practices (sometimes you can even find us knitting in meetings!)

Creativebug is a community for makers made by makers. As artists ourselves, we understand your desire to be learning and growing at all times (and how challenging it can be to make that happen). We are constantly feeding our creativity, working with new artists, trying new things and expanding our own practices so we can better help you. In a way, we are on the same creative journey as all of you!

For us, a good day at the office is knowing that we have accompanied you in your creative pursuits. It warms our hearts to see all the incredible projects you are posting to Instagram with #creativebug and to our inspiration galleries. And each question or comment you leave in the discussion area of a class on Creativebug tells us that you are a step closer to reaching your goals. Watching you all grow as makers and artists is what we aim for. So keep sharing what you do!

So keep sharing with us your favorite classes and your projects!

Speaking of sharing, last week Melanie Taylor from Southern Charm Quilts shared her 10 Favorite Creativebug Classes for Quilt Makers

Check them out and in the comments section what let us know what your Creativebug favorite classes are!