Free Technique Monday: Paper 101

Paper 101

Ready to craft but not sure where to start? Paper is one of the most versatile materials that people use in creative projects but there’s also a bewildering array of choices. Do you need construction paper? Crepe? Are you making cards or collage?

Let mixed media artist and paper expert Courtney Cerruti guide you through the different types of paper. You’ll be shocked how much there is to learn…and how many crafting possibilities are at your finger tips.

Paper 101

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  1. I just joined and look forward to trying out some of the paper tutorials.Thank you so kindly for explaining the uses for the different weights of paper. I am fairly new to making cards and enjoy making them. It now makes more sense and I will know better what to buy when making cards or tags.

    1. Cindy, thank YOU. So excited you’re going to be crafting with us. Share some pictures of your work!

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