Free Technique Monday: Crochet Seaming or “Mattress Stitch”

Crochet designer Edie Eckman demonstrates how to seam two crocheted swatches together using the mattress stitch technique. This technique is demonstrated on double crochet swatches, but it also works well for single crochet seaming. For side-by-side seaming, the mattress stitch is generally the best way to go — all you’ll need is a blunt tip tapestry needle to seam your edges. 

Learn Crochet Seaming

Edie Eckman is a designer, author and popular teacher who loves both knitting and crochet. She teaches around the country and is the author of a number of best-selling crochet and knitting titles including The Crochet Answer Book, Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs, and How to Knit Socks: Three Methods Made Easy.

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  1. I’ve been trying to learn how to crochet as a new productive hobby. It’s quite a challenge since the last time I was taught crocheting was in primary school, and now I’m just self-learning. The crochet books I had just didn’t help me especially with the mattress stitch. At least I understand it now. I’ll try it for this foldable crocheted phone cover that I’m working on. Thanks a lot!

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