Featured Instructor: Marisa Lynch gets inspired by LACMA

Marisa at LACMA

Post by Creativebug Instructor Marisa Lynch, author and creator behind the blog New Dress a Day.

Marisa Lynch gets inspired by LACMA

For me, when I’m creating new outfits, inspiration is pretty much everywhere. Whether it’s people watching (sorry if you catch me staring!!) or watching classic movies on TMC, I get inspired by so many different things.

One of my favorite places to go for inspiration is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) in the Miracle Mile area of LA. I happen to live super close to the museum, so it’s turned into my mobile office of sorts. On some days, I’ll bring my computer over and work on the lawns, in the courtyard, and on the benches within the galleries, while on other days I’ll just get lost in the exhibits looking at art. Literally.

Marisa at LACMA

On the fashion front, there have been so many incredible installations that have come through from a Stanley Kubrick retrospective where I got to see the twins dresses from The Shining on display…


…to a Diane Von Furstenburg exhibit where her dresses spanning the eras were shown on mannequins and editorial shots from the 70s littered the walls. It was like walking back in time to see how the wrap dress got started.


This has become my go-to spot when I need a little artistic and creative pick-me-up because it never fails to make me feel like an artist. I get so excited being in a place that shares such creativity that I always leave feeling like I can create anything. It’s the best feeling ever. Thanks, LACMA!