Earth Day DIY Round-Up

Celebrate Earth Day today (or this weekend, or every day) with some of our favorite Earth Day DIY projects. The best part about these crafts is that they actually look good and serve a purpose while cutting down on landfill.


Most of these are kid-friendly, but many are ones that we’ve added to our own to-do list.

I mean, will you look at that kitty planter?

Turn Old Clothes into a Basket

Sure, it’s great to donate old clothes to Goodwill, but sometimes things are stained and ripped beyond repair. Here’s how you can turn old garments and home textiles (sheets, curtains, you name it) into a surprisingly gorgeous and useful basket. Fill it with toys, your yarn stash, or (most appropriately) laundry.

rag basket

Make a Kitty Planter Out of a Soda Bottle

A few ingenious cuts, a splash of paint and some fresh greenery transform a plastic soda bottle into the star of your windowsill garden. Seriously. How cute is that thing?

kitty planter

Make a Reusable Lunch Set

Turn old clothes or fabric scraps into washable, reusable, super-earth-friendly food packaging for lunches. Try oilcloth or waxed fabric for an added layer of leak protection.


Make Your Own Toiletries

It’s surprisingly easy to make your own deodorant, lip balm, and facial toner. It’s also more fun and better-smelling than you’d guess, and totally free of the toxins, sulfates and parabens that most conventional bath and body products are loaded with.

Apothecary 1

Make Colorful Wall Art from Plastic Bottles

Get your kids to help with this one. Using old plastic bottles, add bits and pieces that might otherwise go in the trash and create some pretty fabulous wall art.

turn plastic bottles into animals

Sprout Wheatgrass in Egg Shells

You have some leftover Easter Eggs right? Start a little garden party on your windowsill with this adorable and healthy DIY project.

grass eggs

Want some more ideas for green crafts? Check out ourĀ Pinterest board.

How are you celebrating Earth Day?