DIY Super Bowl Ideas

football cookie

Are you hosting a super bowl party this year? You sports-loving animal, you.

If you’re throwing a super bowl party, you want it to the best.

You want to throw a touchdown of a party.

You want to host the party equivalent of a cheerleader pyramid when the top cheerleader dismounts by flipping around a dozen times and lands on her feet.

A party during which the halftime show will pale in comparison.

Okay, here’s how:

Football-Shaped Food

It’s basically a requirement, and Betty Crocker knows her stuff. You can find tons more ideas here.

football cookie

Custom Beer Coozies

Keep your brews cold and also team-spirited with handmade gingham beer coozies. Pick fabric in your team’s colors, and add jersey numbers if you’re feeling extra-crafty.

finished beer coozies

Team Jersey Coasters

This awesome tutorial comes from CraftyPod, and is the perfect way to showcase your favorite players. Quilters, rejoice. Or just cheer really loudly.

team jersey coasters

Football Field Tablecloth

Make this quick-and-easy football field tablecloth to a) protect your tabletop and b) impress your guests. You just need brown butcher paper and white paint or tape. I mean, do you see how awesome it is?

football field tabletop

Chalkboard Scoreboard

Make a custom chalkboard with a sheet of plywood or cardboard and some chalkboard paint, or use an existing one to keep track of stats, bets, or any other awesome wins for the day. Like all the best commercials.

chalkboard scoreboard

Cheerleader Pom Poms

Make poms poms for your guests so they can truly express themselves. Extra points for high kicks and cartwheels. How big is your house again?

pom poms

Tabletop Football Game

This craft does double duty. You can turn the artificial turf into an amazing tablecloth itself (seriously – you are bringing your A-game), and/or turn your table into a mini football field for quick games during commercial breaks with this handy tutorial from Lowes. And just in case you want to score some deals and touchdowns…

tabletop football field


Just because you’re not at the game doesn’t mean you can’t cover your face and body in your team colors. Or just eye black, if you’re feeling classy.



Because, pizza.

football pizza

A Super Bowl Pool

Simple template here: football-squares_10x10 Sheet1

You know you want to. Not sure how to set up a pool? This blog post walks you right through it.

Something for the Not-So Rabid Fan

creativebug app

There’s a good chance that someone’s significant other or child (or heck, you) aren’t all that into football. That’s totally fine, and one way to make the day fun for everyone is to have an alternate activity. A simple craft or a puzzle is the perfect way to hang out with everyone but not get bored stiff. We suggest downloading the Creativebug app or picking a class that will keep people entertained for the duration of the day. Maybe some bracelet braiding or embroidery?

How are you celebrating the super bowl?