DIY Mug Cozy & Coaster

If the pumpkin spice latte hasn’t invaded your world, then you may not know that it’s delicious-and-comforting-drink season. We’re talking hot chocolate, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, mulled wine, and hot chocolate.

With marshmallows.

Those festive drinks deserve a an equally festive and cozy vessel. That’s why we dreamed up these useful mug cozies and coasters. Not only do they brighten a dull mug situation (we’ve all been there, amiright, ladies?), but they’re pretty darn cute as gifts. Just package with a canister of cocoa or coffee beans.

And marshmallows.

Also they keep your fingers and desktop protected. Safety first.

How to Make a DIY Mug Cozy & Coaster


DIY Mug Cozy & Coaster

  • Fabric – we used Anna Maria Horner’s Loulouthi Summer Totem prints
  • Felt
  • Button
  • String (or yarn, or a piece of elastic will do nicely)
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Pins
  • Paper and tape measure for template
  • Sewing Machine

Step 1: Cut Template

Measure the circumference and height of your mug, then sketch out a rectangle that will fit around. Remember to leave a gap for the handle. Next, measure the footprint — or “bottom” for the laypeople — of your mug. Add a couple inches on each side and measure out a square of that size.

Our mug cozy was 3” x 8”.

Our coaster was 6” x 6”.

DIY Mug Cozy & Coaster

Now pin those templates to your fabric and cut out one of each. Do the same with your felt.

DIY Mug Cozy & Coaster

If you’re mass producing these because you know a good holiday gift when you see it, cut out as many dang squares and rectangles as you want.

Step 2: Add Button

Add the button that will act as the fastener for your mug cozy. Sew on the right side of the exterior fabric.

DIY Mug Cozy & Coaster

Step 3: Sew Pieces Together

Pin together the wrong sides of your cozy and coaster and sew three sides together.

On the cozy, leave a short side open (this is where you’ll attach the string part of your fastener).

On the coaster, leave a few inches open on one side so you can turn the coaster right side out.

DIY Mug Cozy & Coaster


Step 4: Trim & Turn Right Side Out

Trim the excess fabric, clip fabric away from the corners of each piece, and turn them right side out.

DIY Mug Cozy & Coaster

BUT FIRST: For the mug cozy, tuck in the string you’re using as the fastener and attach is as you sew the open edge. Once you’ve sewn over it, turn the cozy right side out.

DIY Mug Cozy & Coaster

Step 5: Hem the Edges

Fold in the edges of the un-sewn parts and add a 1/4” inch seam around the edge of each piece.

And you’re done! Feel free to add quilting or other embroidered elements to the pieces.

DIY Mug Cozy & Coaster