DIY Liberty Eggs

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Am I the only one who thinks that Liberty of London fabric is just about the prettiest, happiest, Spring-inspired fabric there is? When I decided I wanted to make an Easter DIY, I quickly zeroed in on the idea wrapping some eggs in a little Tana Lawn. Now that my kids are older, and we don’t always dye eggs at Easter, it’s fun to make some eggs that I can bring out from year to year. Although the ease of this project makes it perfect for younger kids to make too. Here’s how-

Learn How to Make DIY Liberty Eggs


DIY Liberty Eggs

DIY Liberty Eggs 

  • Eggs- the real thing would work here, but because I wanted these to last I decided to go with white wooden eggs from the craft store.
  • Liberty Tana Lawn Scraps- Any quilting weight cotton with a small floral print would work too.
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush
  • Something to protect your work surface (I used an old cutting board)

To Make

Cut the fabric into strips measuring roughly 1” wide x 4-5” long.

Using a brush, paint an area of the egg’s surface with the Mod Podge, and lay the strip on the egg, using the brush and more glue to flatten and shape it onto the surface.

DIY Liberty Eggs

DIY Liberty Eggs

DIY Liberty Eggs

Continue doing this all around the egg. As you reach the last areas to cover, you may want to cut the strips to a shorter length before gluing them onto the egg.

Allow the glue to dry, then give the entire egg another coat of the Mod Podge.

Blair Stocker

Wise Craft Handmade

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