DIY: How to Dye Shoes with Marisa Lynch

How to Dye Shoes

Guest post by Creativebug Instructor Marisa Lynch, author and creator behind the blog New Dress a Day.

I love this project because it’s the best way to give an old pair of shoes new life. These mauve suede mules had gotten a bit rundown. Lots of spots on the toes that just didn’t make them as chic and wearable anymore.  The easiest tweak to make them your favorite pair again, is fabric dye!

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Learn how to dye clothes with Marisa Lynch


But for reals. Back to the shoes you guys.

How to Dye Shoes

How to Dye Shoes


Old shoes


Spray bottle


*For shoes made of satin, canvas, silk, or suede, dye works wonders. For leather shoes, a leather paint or a stain/leather dye will be your best bet.

Step 1: Prepare Your Dyeing Area

Lay your shoes on top of a newspaper-covered table and fill a small spray container with black dye and water. (I filled my spray container with a 2:1 ratio of dye and water.)

How to Dye Shoes

Add crumpled bits of newspaper inside the shoes to assist in keeping the shape of the shoes while dyeing.

Step 2: Spray

Begin spraying the shoes with the dye.

How to Dye Shoes

Step 3: Let Shoes Dry

When the dye has been fully applied, let the shoes sit and dry. Depending on how dark you want your shoes, continue applying additional layers of dye until you reach your desired shade.

How to Dye Shoes

For suede shoes like these, feel free to add a layer of a suede shoe protector (Kiwi makes a great one) before taking them out!

How to Dye Shoes

Old shoes + dye = Best “new” shoes ever!!