While you’re bustling around doing your holiday shopping, decorating, and general freak-out, we’d like to remind you not to forget about the children.

The ones in your home.

Whom you love.

Instead of popping them in front of a Christmas cartoon or handing them an iPad, why not get them to make something with their own two hands? The holiday lacing cards we designed are perfect for toddlers and youngsters who want to participate in all the holiday traditions…but may not yet have the coordination to hang heirloom glass ornaments on the tree. These cards will not only entertain for a while – cutting out, coloring, lacing – but make sweet ornaments you can hang around the house or use as gift tags. PLUS they’ll improve fine motor skills in your budding artists.

Keep reading for the perfect holiday craft for little ones.

How to Make Holiday Lacing Cards



  • Lacing Card templates
    • To download the file, right click on the image and choose Open in New Tab. The .pdf file should open automatically.
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Yarn (We used Red Heart’s Super Saver skeins in a holiday palette)
  • Markers
  • Tape (washi or otherwise)

Step 1: Cut Out Cards

Cut out the lacing card(s) your kids are most excited about. If you have very little ones, I suggest you manage the scissors. If you have kids who know not to cut their own hair/clothes/bodies, let them have it while you grab a coffee.


When that’s done, punch out the holes with a hole puncher.


Step 2: Make Your Thread

To make the thread for the lacing card, cut off a generous portion of yarn, about 12 inches long. Wrap the ends in tape to prevent fraying and make it easier for tiny fingers to use. We used washi tape because it’s adorable, but any tape will do.



Step 3: Color

Add some pizzazz, you guys! Let your kids have at it with markers, pencils, stickers, and glitter.


Maybe not too much glitter if you’re having people over soon. That stuff is the worst to clean up.

Step 4: Sew


The final step! Have your kids “sew” the cards in any pattern or style they’d like. If you printed the cards out on cardstock, they can definitely be reused. Throw them in your purse for an easy activity while you’re out and about or stash them in the car. If you’re using the cards as ornaments or tags just neatly tape the yarn to the back of the ornament.

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