pom pom wrapping

Fact: A thoughtfully wrapped gift makes giving better. I’ve always been the designated gift wrapper in my family. I would sit in the floor in front of the fire with my mom and we would wrap presents in the weeks before Christmas. My mom always topped my packages with beautiful objects and she inspired me to do the same. Sometimes she would use an ornament, a twiggy branch with a hint of sparkle, or a bow made of a beautiful woven ribbon. The packaging of each gift made the present that much more special.

I still love to wrap packages weeks before Christmas. I get such pleasure seeing them under the tree, each one specially wrapped for the recipient. Here are a few simple gift wrap ideas that are easy to do but are thoughtful and lovely and add the perfect amount of pop under the tree.

For kids gifts, use solid paper like white butcher paper or kraft paper and add a bold and bright graphic with a string of pompoms tied neatly with a length of yarn. You can use craft pompoms and a needle and thread to string them or you can get pompom beads at General Bead.


In lieu of ribbon, use strips of pretty fabric to tie bows and make package toppers.  Make fabric ribbon by cutting little snip along any edge of cotton fabric. Tear at the cut along the length of the fabric to create your ribbon. Layer small strips over large strips, or group lots of skinny strips together to make a fluffy topper. I love using small print like Liberty Fabrics, but big bold prints would be graphic and lovely too!



Use paper feathers to top packages in white and black for a sophisticated look. Upcycle book pages or newspaper pages into gift wrap. Make collections of paper feathers to adorn any package large or small. Learn how to make paper feathers here.

If you’re feeling really ambitious this season you can also print your own gift wrap. We’re offering my Paste Paper class free this month if you’d like to try painting your own papers for the holiday! If you want to share your gift wrap ideas, tag us on your Instagram or Facebook pics.