DIY Flower Vials

Guest Post By Cleo Papanikolas

Take a few summer blossoms with you as we head into fall.  These portable bud vases can be hung from a bike, doorknob, chair back, or even backpack.  Personalize your project by adding your own charms, beads, or tassels to the loop at the bottom.

Floral stem vials or water tubes can be purchased in bags at floral supply stores or online.  If you just want a few, try asking for leftovers at a flower shop. They aren’t usually found in craft stores.  Try to get ones that don’t have a long pointed pick end.


DIY Flower Vials

  • Artwork printout (print on 4” x 6” photo paper at 100%)
  • 3 ½” flower vials
  • Rubber bands
  • Detail scissors
  • Twine
  • Glue (make sure it sticks to plastic)
  • Colored tape

Step 1: Cut Stuff

DIY Flower Vials

Cut out the artwork. Don’t cut the mirror images apart.  Glue the back of one half of a mirror image and fold it in half over a piece of twine.  Place the twine on the sticky side of a strip of tape (inset) and then wrap the tape around the bottom of a vial.

Step 2: Decorate the Vial

DIY Flower Vials

Decorate the rest of the vial with colored tape. Cut thin strips to wrap the lid.  Glue the badge art on top of the tape.  Secure it with rubber bands until dry.

Step 3: Add Flowers

DIY Flower Vials

Insert a piece of twine through the hole in the lid and tie a loop underneath.  Put the flower stems through the loop and then fill the vial with water and replace the cap.

DIY Flower Vials

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