DIY Festival Fashion

DIY felt flower headband

Heading to an open air concert this summer? You don’t need to spend all your hard earned cash on fringed purses and the perfect destroyed jorts. With a little extra time and a few Creativebug classes, you can create your own awesome boho-chic look for cheap.

Bragging rights x 1000.

How to DIY Festival Fashion

Sew your own jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits are everything.

DIY Jumpsuit

Add embroidery.

To jeans. To shirts. To bracelets. To shoes.

DIY Embroidery

Make a tassel necklace.

Heck, make a tassel everything. What don’t these look good on?

DIY tassel necklace

Step up your game with this leather version:

DIY leather tassel necklace

Make a felt flower headband.

Basically a festival must-have. Unless you’re a dude. But even then, we’d be okay with it because look how adorable.

DIY felt flower headband

Bring your own DIY deodorant.

We’re serious. Just because you spent all day dancing in the sun doesn’t mean you have to smell like it.

Bonus: because it’s solid, it should make it through the security checkpoint.

DIY deodorant

Make a magic braid leather bracelet.

These go with everything.

DIY magic braid bracelet

Make a zodiac necklace.

Pairs well with tassels (see above).

DIY zodiac necklace

Make a veggie-stamp picnic blanket.

Invite your friends for sits and snacks.

DIY veggie stamped picnic blanket