DIY Dog Crafts Round-Up

DIY Dog Projects

There’s this dog named Wes and sometimes he comes to our office. Mainly because he belongs to one of the guys who works here.

Wes is a wigglebutted, sneaky, food-stealing, plastic-chewing, couch-napping Aussie who also has different colored eyes. Somedays he brings the crazy real hard.

That being said, we kind of like Wes. And Moseby, and Camper, who also occasionally stop by to leave some fur in the office. In the event that you also have a puppy (all dogs are puppies, btw) in your life, here are some ways you can show — with your own two hands — just how much you care.

Other than picking up their poop.

Make a Dog Collar

Make your own dog collar. My own little sister has a French Bulldog whose custom collar reads “MIMZY FARTBAG JACOBSON” because that is her full and legal name. What I’m trying to say is, creativity is encouraged.

DIY Dog Projects

Clockwise from left

Make a yarn-appliqued dog collar.

Make a simple braided dog collar.

Make a classic leather dog collar with Make Zine.

Make a Dog Leash

DIY Dog Projects

Clockwise from left

Make a modern, dip-dyed leash.

Make a reflective leash for late night walks with Martha Stewart.

Braid up a chic leather leash.

DIY Dog Toys

Dog Toy Collage

Clockwise from left

Turn an old t-shirt or towels into a gorgeous braided dog toy.

Make chew/chase toys from an old sweater.

Or, you know, just shove a water bottle in a sock.

Make Your Own Dog Clothes

The jury is out on whether dogs should regularly wear clothes or not, but we vote that at least every once in a while, yes. You are allowed to put those butterfly wings on your pet.

Definitely no pet strollers, though*. You’re better than that.

DIY Dog Projects

Clockwise from left

Sew a doggie bow tie. Only for the dapperest of dogs.

Knit a simple dog sweater.

Turn an old sweater into something cozy for your pooch.

*Unless your pet is old and frail, in which case it is 100% allowed and also adorable.

DIY Treats


DIY Dog Projects

Freeze up some doggie popsicles for extra-hot days.

Whip up some 4-ingredient peanut butter treats.

Make dried sweet potatoes for dog who needs something chewier.

Did we leave any out? How do you show your dog some love?