DIY Bookmark Ideas from the Creativebug Staff

images of a hand opening a book with a tea-bag shaped bookmark inside

Celebrate your love of books with the Creativebug staff as they share their favorite DIY bookmark ideas. With bookmarks, you can explore all kinds of materials and mediums. Plus, their smaller canvas size can allow for a quick, satisfying, and unique project.

Corner Bookmarks with Paper – Cobrina, Content Producer & Instructor

“I frequently revisit my favorite recipes in cookbooks. To find each one easily and to ensure that the markers don’t obstruct any content, I created something that just covers the corner of the page. These 3″x3″ markers are constructed by cutting up an outdated ‘seasonal veggies’ calendar, paired with colored cardstock and secured with scotch tape.”

image of open cookbook on blue background and three corner bookbooks made with calendar pages and cardstock with paintings of vegetables
images of book pages with corner bookmarks on them depicting watercolor paintings of different vegetables
image of open cookbook on blue background and three corner bookbooks made with calendar pages and cardstock with paintings of vegetables

Tea Bag Bookmark with Scrap Fabric – Erin, Growth Marketing Manager

Erin hand-stitched the most charming little tea bag bookmark with her fabric scraps. This is a great reminder to keep saving your leftovers from larger sewing projects to accompany your next favorite read.

image of a hand holding an open book with a handmade bookmark inside shaped like a tea bag and handstitched with a brown patterned fabric
2 images - on the left, a harry potter book with a tea bag shaped bookmark in it - on the right, materials needed to make a bookmark with fabric and food packaging

Hand-Drawn Bookmark in Colored Pencil – Wanshun, Full Stack Developer

“Sophie and I made bookmarks for a book that we’re reading together.  She cut up some paper and we both drew bookmarks for the book, then we swapped them for each other to use.”

2 images - on the left, closeups of hand-drawn bookmarks in colored pencil depicting a robot walking in the forest - on the left, the two bookmarks displayed on a table with a novel called The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

Alpha Friendship Bracelet Bookmark – Stephanie, Content Producer & Instructor

“I love how you can turn any word or image into a friendship bracelet with the alpha technique. This bookmark is 20 strings wide, and I used a variation of the alpha technique from my class Make Friendship Bracelets.

images of rainbow colored friendship bracelet bookmark that says I Heart Books with a rainbow tassel

Magazine Cutout Bookmark – Katrina, Creative Director & Instructor

“I glued magazine cutouts on to cardstock and added embroidery floss tassels at the top. The David Bowie bookmark is for Olivia because she’s in her Bowie era right now.”

2 images - on the right, colorful bookmarks with embroidery floss tassels peeking out of a closed book - on the right, the book is open, revealing 2 bookmarks, one of David Bowie's face and the other a woman in a white dress

Needlepoint Bookmark – Faith, Project Coordinator & Instructor”

“I buy vintage craft kits all the time and loved this Erica Wilson needlepoint design, but when I opened it up, the plastic had crumbled. I borrowed the chart and used some old sock yarn instead, and those ellipses really crack me up!”

images of needlepoint bookmark with purple background and dark blue text that reads "To be continued..."