Desktop Calendar May 2015

Desktop Calendar May 2015

How old is your desktop wallpaper? It’s okay – you can tell us. This is a safe space.

Is it maybe time to update it with something fresh? Something spring-y and inspiring? Something that encourages you to be creative and make things with your own two hands. That’s so funny, because we totally designed a desktop calendar for May that does just that.

What are the odds.

Desktop Calendar May 2015

You can download the high-res version here and the medium-res version here.

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  1. Hi, I find f I’m having trouble navigating to continue watching a session. I’ve purchased and added to my Library, Yao’s Part 1, (i I think) and I can’t get past the “overwiew”. What am I doing wrong? Also, I think I figured out I have to sign up again to be able to move on to watch another classes. I’ve hit “premium” again – why? No clear instructions on how to move on to watch a full session. Do I have to sign up every time to do the ‘ 14 Day thing” again?? Confused and frustration….enjoy your classes very much. Izzy

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