Dear Aspiring Artist… From Faith Hale

Just as every artist has their own unique experience in the art world, every artistic journey is different. As you might already know, at Creativebug we are all makers or artists of some kind. We wanted to share parts of our journey with you and would love to hear about yours as well! This will be a three part series, starting with the lovely Faith Hale. 

Faith has been at Creativebug for two years and is happiest when she’s working as an artist coach or filming live shoots. In her past life, she edited knitting magazines, served as a bookbinders apprentice, and worked at a hand-dyed yarn factory. Her 30 Day Book Art Challenge is her favorite class she’s taught, and she’s slowly been replacing her wardrobe with garments made from classes taught by Sonya Philip and Rae Hoekstra.

1) When did you first call yourself an “artists” and why?

I still have a hard time with it – I often consider myself more of a crafter! I thought I’d feel more comfortable with it after getting an MFA, but that didn’t help. Neither did having work in art shows. The only thing that has truly made me feel like an artist is establishing a daily practice. For me, that’s essential, but really anyone who makes art can call themselves an artist.

2) In your experience, what is one of the most challenging part of being an artist?

I have found the most challenging part of being an artist is carving out time to do the non-making-art stuff that still contributes to being inspired, like visiting a museum, going for an aimless walk, reading an article or playing around with ideas. There’s so much pressure to be productive all the time, but I really need that psychic space!

3) How did you find your style?

My style developed with repetition and practice. I had to make a bunch of books before I could look at them as a whole and notice what I repeat in terms of colors, motifs, themes, aesthetics, etc. It’s also been wonderfully helpful to have other people who are familiar with my work point out other things and say “This reminds me of you.”

4) What do you wish someone had told you about becoming an artist?

That art, making it or immersing myself in that of other people, needs to be a part of my everyday life.

5) What else would like to share about your journey that you think is important for aspiring artists?

Start where you are and do a little bit every single day! Even if it’s just a doodle, getting your pen to paper unlocks something essential.

I’m very inspired by Lynda Barry who calls creativity the immune system for mental health. That made me realize that it’s necessary – even vital – for me to be creative in order to feel sane and whole. And that seems like a pretty good excuse to devote time to making art, no?

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