Dear Aspiring Artist… From Courtney Cerruti

Dear Aspiring Artist…

This week we interviewed Courtney Cerruti for a little more insight on her journey as an “artist.”

Courtney is an artist-in-residence at Creativebug and is a passionate maker. She designs and builds custom sets for each Creativebug artist, coaches shoots, creates classes, and teaches workshops across the country. She is also co-owner of Long Weekend, a beautifully curated shop and gallery in Oakland, CA. She has taught many classes for Creativebug and has also published three books: Playing with Surface Design, Playing with Image Transfers, and Washi Tape 101.

Courtney is our artist in residence at Creativebug is maker extraordinaire. She makes custom sets for each Creativebug artist as well as teaches on the side. And if that wasn’t impressive enough….She has also published three books!

Playing with Surface Design Techniques

Playing with Image Transfers: Exploring Creative Imagery for Use in Art, Mixed Media, and Design 

Washi Tape: 101+ ideas for Paper Crafts, Book Arts, Fashion, Decorating, Entertainment, and Party Fun!

She makes something everyday and can be found on Instagram as @ccerruti. In her hands, candy wrappers turn in to paper flowers, toilet paper tubes turn into a menagerie of animals, and books are read and then re-purposed.

1) When did you first call yourself an artists and why?

I’ve always identified as an artist. I had some shyness exclaiming I was a painter when I was in college, because I felt so new to it. I love using the title of artist because it can encompass so many talents, skills and curiosities! Being an artist is being curious, and that feels like an absolute part of my identity.

2) In your experience, what is one of the most challenging part of being an artist?

You have to be very hardworking, self motivated and be your own boss. If you aren’t naturally proactive, then you have to find ways to create a structure for yourself and that can be hard for creatives.

3) How did you find your style?

Still searching 🙂

4) What do you wish someone had told you about becoming an artist?

You’re never going to be paid what an engineer makes no matter how hard you work.

5) What else would like to share about your journey that you think is important for aspiring artists?

Just keep at it. Put your head down and work. Be kind and pair up with friends if you want to make something happen and you can’t do it alone.

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