Creativebug Staff Crafts: Summer Edition

images of 2 photos of colorful ice-dyed shirts in neon rainbow hues - one shirt has a Creativebug logo

The team here at Creativebug is always busy prepping and producing amazing classes for you, but we’ve also been finding time to work on some pretty cool personal projects since we last checked in for New Year’s resolutions. Come see our staff’s crafts!

Katrina, Art Director

image of 4 photos showing a handpainted black and white mural in a dining room with art from an 18th-19th century drawing from India called Intertwining Animals and Plants

“Here’s the mural I painted in my kitchen last week! I started a different one but covered it up after 2 days of getting nowhere with it and I’m so happy with how this one turned out. The design is from an 18th-19th century drawing from India called Intertwining Animals and Plants, artist unknown (FYI the Met has an enormous collection of images in the public domain to choose from!)”

image of 2 photos of a colorful orange and aqua dragon made with paper mache

“I made a paper mache dragon. This one is for the owner of my local coffee shop who loves dragons and her favorite color is orange.”

Erin, Growth Marketing Manager

image of 4 ATCs or artist trading cards, small pieces of art on playing cards that are collaged with different images like birds, butterflies, and various animals and printed papers

“I volunteer to teach art classes once a week at a homeless shelter to the kids (and sometimes adults) there! We did little playing card collages as our project for my art class last week. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to share the ones the kids did. These are just my teaching examples but all the kids from ages 3-15 enjoyed it!”

Erin also blogged about upcyling a thrifted afghan into a cardigan.

Wanshun, Developer

images of 3 photos of colorful rainbow ice-dyed shirts and fabric

“We finally found the time to do our Ice Dyeing (Anna Joyce) project this weekend. It was fun, and Sophie [Wanshun’s daughter] wants to dye more things!”

Courtney, Editor in Chief

images of child jumping on a bed covered with a colorful rainbow handmade quilt

“I made a quilt for Luca with Heather Ross fabric using a Made by Rae pattern.”

Faith, Project Coordinator

images of two photos of a hand-sewn totebag in blue and green patterned fabric on a grass background

“I taught my seven-year-old nephew how to sew using Cal’s tote bag class and he could not be any more proud! Neither could I!!”

Nicola, Camera Operator / Editor

“Made some pup attire for Jack & my sister’s dog, Ellie! Zach & I got married this weekend & the dog clothes were a big highlight.”

Alena, Library Customer Success Manager

image of 2 photographs of children's crafts - one is tissue paper hearts collaged onto canvases and the other is toilet paper rolls cut and painted to look like flowers

We always love to see what Alena and her sweet boys are making together: adorable tissue paper heart collages for Valentine’s Day and colorful flowers made from toilet paper tubes.

Stephanie, Content Producer

image of hand-sewn boxy drop shirt using black an white gingham fabric as well as a multicolored triangle print

“I’m still trying to make friends with a sewing machine. This is the All Well Box top, my first machine-sewn garment, except for the 2nd step of the neck-binding. That was a twisty, puckery disaster, so I finished it by hand using skills I learned in Cal Patch’s “Hand Sew a Shirt” class.”

To see what our Creativebug members have been making, visit the Member Gallery!