Creativebug Presents March 2015

Creativebug presents March 2015

Folks, March of 2015 may be our biggest month yet. Not only are we releasing some amazing work-alongs this month (watercolor! fabric design! crocheting!), but we’ve also cut the price of a monthly subscription in half and given you the ability to save classes forever. But you should still watch the video below and get a teaser of what we’re releasing because it’s all gorgeous.

All of it.

Creativebug Presents March 2015

New Classes This Month

Beginning Watercolor with Yao Cheng
Log Cabin Shawl with Norah Gaughan
Felt Easter Basket with Annabel Wrigley
Twisted Rib Socks with Edie Eckman
Decorative Painted Plates with Courtney Cerruti
Fabric Design Series
Easter Bunny Ears with Annabel Wrigley
Baby Blanket Crochet-Along with Edie Eckman
Sewing Machine Maintenance with Fancy Tiger

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  1. You guys are truly amazing — just when I thought I couldn’t love Creativebug more, you go and make it even better =) Thanks for the seeds of joy and inspiration that you’ve planted in my life!

    1. Thank you so much Deb – we really appreciate that. And thank YOU for being such a loyal fan.

  2. Wow! Awesome! I can’t wait!!

  3. Thanks so much!! Great deal!! Classes are generous..

    1. Awww. Thanks Mary – we’re really glad you enjoy them.

  4. Is the half price membership and save classes forever for existing members ?too

    1. It absolutely is.

  5. Me interesa el taller de Watercolors

  6. Half the price! Oh, man. Thanks!! No idea how much I appreciate this as it’s more affordable, coming from Malaysia. Will be joining you guys soon. 🙂
    So much inspiration to gain.

    1. Glad to hear it!

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