Creativebug Presents June 2015

It’s never too early to start planning out your summer arts and crafts projects. Take a look at our June classes, and make sure to mark your calendars. Which class are you the most excited about?

This Month On Creative Bug

New Classes This Month….
6/2 – Sew A Bow Tie with Annabel Wrigley
6/4 – Yarn 101 with Fancy Tiger
6/9 – Introduction to Drawing with Molly Hatch
6/10 – Painted Wooden Sign with Courtney Cerruti
6/11 – Furniture Refinishing with Barb Blair
6/17 – Felt Pennant with Courtney Cerruti
6/18 – Sew a Hobo Handbag with Nicole Mallalieu
6/23 – Intermediate Improvisational Patchwork with Heather Jones
6/25 – The Wilton Method: Decorative Slice and Bake Cookies
6/25 – Sew a Reversible Sun Hat with Ashley Nickels
6/30 – Weaving for Beginners with Annabel Wrigley

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  1. If I could sew, the hobo bag would be my fav class. Could you recommend a good quality beginner sewing machine? I would like to have one for easy straight stitching like make pillows, maybe using sewing on my paper crafts, hemming curtains or making curtains from sheets or fabric that are simple and embellish them simple.

    My time is so so limited because I trap homeless stray and feral cats. I spay all, adopt out tame one, socialize and adopt feral kittens and become life time caretaker to the wild feral cats. I relocate the feral and bring home to acclimate in a large kennel outside. After 30 days, I release feral cats from kennel and they live in insulated cat houses in woods behind my home.

    My trapping goes on year long but Feb to August is kitten season so this is my hard busy times. My crafting is far and few between cause Inam in my car waiting on cats to take bait and go in my traps. I trap all over.

    I hope to get a sewing machine and explore machine one day. At least with that new Cricut I could design in my car while waiting on my rescue cat for the night.

    Anyways love that I found your blog. You make me miss crafting so bad. Right now all my money is going to trapping, spaying and house many kittens to socialize for adoption. Thank God The a Humane Society’s Of Charlotte NC gives me a discount on shots and sprays. At 35 male and 40 females for sprays and $6 shots.

    Problem is I trap over 100 per year so that cost me a few thousand. I am not a license rescue so I do not make the money for my adoptions at PetSmart A local license group put my cats there but only if I pay to vet them. The way I look at it, even though they get the adoption fees, I saved their life. Without me spaying the cats, they would not get a forever home living inside. So I have to take help finding their homes anyway I can get it. There are only so many family and friends to give them too.

    Ok, lol got long winded explaining why expensive sewing machine would not get lots of use. Oh I also sell my crafts to help with the cost of my sprays, litter, food and trap equipment so when I finally get the money I will be able to make my things faster and in bulk.

    Did you just get your Cricut? Do you love it and is it really fast? I am hoping next year if kitten season is not so busy maybe I could afford to buy one of those and sewing machine.

  2. Ooo, I’m super excited about the weaving class! I’d been looking at local classes but the times never work with my schedule. I can’t wait!

  3. When will part 3 of Barbs furniture class be released? My creative bug app is still showing coming soon. Thanks!!

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