December Crafts: Holiday Gifts to Make and Share

creativebug december

Pour yourself a cup of something warm, kick on the holiday jams and get ready to tackle your gift list. Our December crafts lend themselves beautifully to making and sharing. With an extra helping of creativity.

You can turn to these projects when you need to cultivate some inner peace (hello, knitting hats with Jill) as well as projects to share with your loved ones for the season. We’ve got a collage project with Courtney, more knitting color inspiration with Brandon, a paper origami book with Jody, and a felt needle holder with Rebecca (perfect for all the hand sewers in your life). Then there are the projects that will beautify your home (winter flower arranging, garlands and wreaths with the Studio Choo gals). And projects that will make you the most popular guest at all the holiday parties on your list (liqueurs, infusions and preserves that can be made up in big batches).

As an advent calendar of sorts, we’re also debuting one of the most talented illustrators we know. The charming Sam O’Leary will teach you how to hand-letter a “Happy Holidays” card. We’ll release one letter a day on Facebook and YouTube. Sitting quietly with pen and paper in hand is a perfect way to keep the holiday mania at bay.

Eggnog, anyone?