Creativebug at Stitches West 2016

If you’re a knitter, I am sure you have noticed the lack of knit focussed event. Lucky for you STITCHES West is almost here. STITCHESWest is a fiber experience for knitters and crocheters. It includes classes on topics from design to finishing with every topic in between. The STITCHES West Market is a shopping experience you won’t want to miss with vendors who come from across the United States and around the world to display the latest yarns and gadgets sure to inspire your creativity. The one-hour market sessions are designed to give you a taste of a topic to see if you want to pursue it further, and the free demonstrations and book signings occur for your enjoyment. 

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Creativebug will definitely be at STITCHES West. Make sure to pay us a visit at our booths.


Creativebug Fashion Show at Stitches West 2016

Knit a Seamless Pullover with Norah Gaughan


Worked up in gorgeous linen yarn, this lightweight pullover by Norah Gaughan is perfect for spring and transitional weather. The unusual construction of the sweater is part of what makes it so fun to knit – the front and back are both started at the center and worked outward in rows of easy lace. This pattern is available exclusively at Creativebug.

Knit a Log Cabin Shawl with Norah Gaughan


This fun-to-knit Log Cabin shawl by Norah Gaughan has the appearance of a log cabin quilt, with long rectangles fitted together in intricate patchwork. Though it may look as though the pieces are sewn together, the shawl is worked seamlessly by picking up stitches and working textured sections.

Knit a Cabled Hat with Norah Gaughan


Norah Gaughan designed this gloriously textured cabled hat. Beginning with a ribbed cable cast-on, the hat design flows into a repeating cable pattern that creates sinuous curves up toward the crown. You can find Norah’s pattern exclusively on Creativebug.

Loom Knitting: Cowl and Hat – Taught by Michele Muska


If you love the look of knitted fabric but don’t feel like picking up your knitting needles, try your hand at loom knitting. On Creativebug, Michele Muska teaches you how to use a round loom to knit two types of hats: one with a rolled brim and the other with a flat brim. For an extra flourish, Michele shows you how to create a faux fur pompom. Michele also teaches how to create a luxurious, chunky knit cowl on a rectangular knitting loom.

Knit the Imposter’s Shawl with Fancy Tiger Crafts


Introducing one of the most popular knitting projects from Jaime and Amber of Fancy Tiger Crafts: The Imposter’s Shawl. This triangular shawl got its unusual name because the basket weave stitches and scalloped edging appear to be woven and crocheted – but, in fact, it’s all knitted! Find this pretty pattern on Creativebug.

Creativebug Crochet Shawl Workshop: Side-to-Side Shawl with Marly Bird


Side-to-side shawls can appear daunting to make, but it’s actually one of the easiest shawl styles to construct. This shawl, designed by Marly Bird, is created from a mesh-like stitch pattern with contrasting tassels woven through to create a must-have fringed accessory. Marly’s shawl design is available on Creativebug.

Creativebug Crochet Shawl Workshop: Crescent Shawl with Marly Bird


Marly Bird’s Crescent Shawl features a classic shape that begins with a fanciful trim. Once the trim is complete, you can gradually create the body of the shawl by working short rows, attaching it to the trim as you go. This shawl construction is ideal for customization—you can use any stitch pattern you like and make it your preferred length. Marly’s pattern is available exclusively on Creativebug.

Creativebug: Crochet Shawl Workshop: Triangle Shawl with Marly Bird


Learn how to make a classic top-down triangle shawl with a fabulous multi-color trim on Creativebug. Marly Bird’s Triangle Shawl gets its iconic shape from a series of center and wingspan increases, so it grows in length and width as you go. The super-fun trim features an array of customizable, textured stitch patterns and pop colors, which will keep you on your toes.

Crocheted Summer Bag with Edie Eckman


Designed by Edie Eckman, this quintessential summer bag is made using several crochet stitch patterns that come together to form a textural sampler. Whether you choose a cheerful summery color or a nautical neutral, this bag will become your go-to everyday tote. Find the pattern exclusively at Creativebug.