Creativebug: A Crafters Dream Come True

We try not to get too preachy here, but Radmegan has some thoughts to share after Renegade and our first few weeks of existence. Take it away, Megan:

I recently saw a blog post advertising an in-person sewing workshop with one of my favorite crafty icons. The cost of this event was over $700 for instruction alone. While I believe with my whole heart that learning to sew from this particular instructor IS WORTH THAT PRICE and that she has earned the right to charge for her impressive skills, I (sadly) cannot afford that. As an instructor myself, I know that pang of guilt and sadness when a repeat student of mine stops attending my workshops because they need to tighten their belts. I respect and understand that.

Fortunately for me and my fellow tight-belt crafters, the very same aforementioned sewing instructor (along with a large collection of super amazing and famous crafters) is working with on shooting workshops that are available online. And here’s the kicker, they all cost the same price.

Let me clear that up. I don’t mean that each workshop — whether it’s jewelry making, screen printing or needle felting — costs the same as the next workshop. I mean that for ONE price, you can watch ALL of the video workshops. Pinch yourself and rub the glitter from your eyes: you are not dreaming.

Heather Ross, Liesl Gibson, Natalie Chanin, Diana Fayt, Cal Patch, Jenny Doh, Debbie Stoller, Alix Blüh, Jill Draper, Maggie Pace, Jody Alexander, and so many more are all on Creativebug. For $24.99, you could watch as many of their DIY workshops as you could cram into one solid month. Or, if you would rather take your time, sign up for a 6-month subscription. The cost drops to $16.99 per month.

As an instructor on Creativebug myself (look me up, I’m Radmegan!), if I showed up at a party and all of my favorite crafters were there, I would never want to leave. If I also heard that the host of the party believed in giving back and donated money to local arts groups, I’d probably start forwarding my mail to her address and move in, because doesn’t that seem like it’s just too good to be true? Oh, look:

I hope my husband won’t miss me too much. Please start forwarding all of my mail to the Creativebug offices, because I’m moving in.