Cocktails + Interview with Shana Astrachan

Chatting with Shana
We sat down with one of our artists, Shana Astrachan, to talk about a few of her favorite tools of the trade, ways to get inspired, AND to get a snazzy cocktail idea for upcoming holiday gatherings. Big thanks to Shana for her time, and the cute photos. We  just love her vintage style.
What are your ideal ingredients for a perfect afternoon?
Laying around in the warm shaded sunshine with a sparkling cocktail. Add in friends, a pool and nowhere I need to be and I call it a perfect day. Otherwise I want to be in the studio making something.
What talent would you like to possess?
Super speedy graphic skills in Illustrator and Photoshop. it always seems to take me a little too long when I am working on graphic projects. And in another life I would like to design and hand make shoes.
When you’re in a rut, what inspires you without fault?
Old Hollywood films, particularly lavish MGM productions. I am in love with Esther Williams films in particular. Also put me in front of Pinterest and I am lost for hours looking up strange 60’s and 70’s interiors along with vintage hair and makeup looks
What’s your favorite material to work with and why? Is it always your favorite?
I am in love with the mohair and silk yarn I use for my felted pieces. As much as I adore working with metal I also love that I can do some much with this yarn from knitting, to crochet, to felting. It is available in amazing colors and feels really luxurious. But honestly my favorite materials are always changing as I discover and experiment with new ones. I just got my hands on vintage glass glitter, and now I want to use it in so many ways, it is like glitters sophisticated long lost cousin.

What’s your favorite crafting tool?

Shana's Looms

I love my vintage Multi-Fleur Loom I got from Cathy Callahan (Cathy of California). When I first got it I made a bridal bouquet with it for my best friend.
Blushing bride
What are your favorite craft books?
I Like You and Simple Times‘. Amy Sedaris can do no wrong!

Shana’s ‘Celebration 600’ Cocktail
(All Cocktail  Photos by emiko oye)
Cocktails with Shana
– Use a fancy cocktail glass!
– Place rim of glass in shallow dish of water or run a wedge of lemon along it
– Dip into a shallow dish of sugar
Cocktails with Shana
– Add a generous splash of Canton (ginger liquor)
– Add a small dash of grenadine
– Chop candied ginger and place in glass
– Fill the rest of the way with Prosecco
Cocktails with Shana
– Cut a slit into a piece of the candied ginger and place on the edge of glass
Cocktails with Shana
– Toast to the Holidays!
Photo by emiko oyeShana’s pop-up shop at Rare Device opens this Saturday, Nov. 17th, with an opening reception the following Saturday, Nov. 24th. For more from Shana (and some vintage barware!) stop by!