Book Covers We Love

Waardeloos Material, The Sea Around UsSunset MosaicsBirds of La Plata,  Migration of BirdsLittle Mermaid

Browsing a used bookstore is one of my favorite pastimes. Pulling out books with worn leather covers from tightly packed shelves can keep me occupied for hours. I especially love it when I find a gilded cover with a fancy lettered title or amazing borders made of delicate flora and fauna.

Jody’s workshop, Custom Book Cloth, inspired to me to 1. Make my own book cloth for my next binding project and 2. Round up some of my favorite modern book covers. And I have to say, Penguin is doing a bang up job!


Drop Cap Series, Classic Series, Cooking Series, Threads

Penguin has partnered with some amazing letterers, illustrators and designers to give the presentation of classic stories a modern twist. I love the use of historic pattern made modern by their revamped color palettes in the Classic Series. Check out Jessica Hische’s designs for the Drop Cap Series. The perfect gift for the foodie in your life would be this complete collection of food related stories called Great Foods, with these amazing graphic covers. And of course because I’m obsessed with Rebecca Ringquist’s embroidery, the Threads series makes me think of Rebecca’s handiwork. For more good cover design inspiration, check out our Design board on pinterest.