Behind the Scenes with Anna Maria Horner

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When you walk into Anna Maria’s house, you step into a world of color. Velvety blue painted walls feature a gallery of Anna’s paintings and overstuffed couches with brightly colored pillows let you know this is the living room. A long communal table with a motley crew of mismatched chairs house dinners for Anna, her husband and their 6 (soon to be 7) children. Baskets of books spill onto a bright colored carpet flanked by deep, cozy chairs covered in one of Anna’s printed velours. Each nook and cranny has a small detail — a needle-pointed flower, a small rustic frame or a vintage ceramic creamer. Her studio is no exception, with stacks of jewel-toned fabric, walls of swatches from each fabric collection and even a long plank full of embroidery floss, organized by color.

When we filmed Anna in Nashville, it was freezing cold, our car covered in a layer of ice so thick I couldn’t open the door. Her house was like landing in Oz after being whipped away in a storm. Her bright and sunny home was only second to the warmth and exuberance which shine through in her teaching. I was inspired the whole time we were with Anna, each day revealing a new aspect of her work, her process and herself. I’m not sure I can pick a favorite project, but I’m so in love with the design and process of the Flying Gosling Baby Quilt. I can’t wait to dive right in!