Behind the Scenes: Our New Creativebug Office & Studio

We’ve moved!

In August, we cleared out and said goodbye to our beloved office in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District. Not only did we have to pack up a whole office space, but we also had to box up all of our art supplies (can you imagine?) as well as our archive containing years of projects from all of our classes.

On moving day:

Creativebug office space filled with moving boxes

And after moving day:

Our general manager Liana took a photo upstairs in our studio space with just these balloons remaining. Such a fitting moment to capture!

Our California-based team (minus our beloved team members in Oregon, New Jersey, Idaho, and Canada) all met for lunch a few weeks before the move and visited the new Creativebug location afterwards.

Here we are checking out the side that is now our office space. Look at all those windows and all that natural light! There’s an entire other half of the space that is devoted to our new studio for filming lots of new and exciting classes.

We’re not a regular office; we’re a cool office. (Mean Girls, anyone?)

And now we’re all moved in. The office side has our main work area, a video editing bay, an art/craft supply room, and 2 comfy conference rooms upstairs.

The other side is our film studio, photo studio, green room, and archive. (Not too many photos of this side as to not reveal all the secret sauce that goes into shooting all the classes that you love 😉.)

If you want to check out the very first class that we shot in this new space, watch our editor in chief Courtney’s latest Daily Practice.

In our old office, we had a tradition of having our instructors sign a wall. The new artist wall is tiny now, but we’re so excited to see it grow.