Behind the Scenes: Creativebug Set Design

a colorful, textured set for a video that looks like an artist's studio with a black and white patterned wall hanging, wooden book shelves, plants, and chairs

Did you know that Courtney Cerruti – instructor extraordinaire and Creativebug’s Editor in Chief – has been designing the sets you see in Creativebug classes since beginning of the site? Previously, Courtney created displays and installations for the clothing store, Anthropologie, before moving into doing similar work in the wedding industry and then later translating those same skills into set design for Creativebug.

Lauren of Lark Rising sits in front of a large backdrop depicting large graphic flowers in pink, yellow, and green
Floral painting for Lauren from Lark Rising

Today, one of our artist coaches, Cobrina, creates sets as well. The set designers put together new backdrops each time we shoot classes with an instructor, which is roughly every 2 weeks. They research every instructor’s aesthetic to create a unique workspace that looks great on camera and that also reflects the content of the classes that will be filmed. Sometimes the set displays tons of meticulously arranged items on shelves and tables like the most amazing workshop in the world, and sometimes the set is a big and dramatic wall painting or piece of one-of-a-kind art.

A large circular piece of tissue paper artwork inspired by Moroccan rugs with bold geometric shapes
Tissue paper backdrop for Rebecca Ringquist

Our crew put together a rare video on Rebecca Ringquist‘s most recent set. You may recognize the colorful backdrop from Schoolhouse Sampler: A Daily Embroidery Practice and Finishing Embroidery Projects: Three Ways, and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to HEAR her set. Watch the video with the sound on!

On set with Rebecca Ringquist and Courtney Cerruti

You might also see pieces of an instructors’ work in their set. A beautiful example of this is the calligraphy done by Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls for her calligraphy classes.

A woman stands in front of wall with calligraphy on it while drawing flowers in black ink
Maybelle draws flowers on her set.
Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls in a dark shirt working on a calligraphy project in front of a white wall with her art pinned up
A screenshot of Maybelle teaching “Calligraphy on Unconventional Surfaces.”

For Natalie Ebaugh‘s classes on how to sew quilted coats, you can see one of her large quilted blankets on the wall along with some other jackets she made on the right, which all come together for a colorful, cozy feel that reflects her style.

A set for a film shoot that includes a large blue-toned patchwork quilt wall hanging, bamboo shelf filled with plants, and a rack on the right with hanging coats and jackets
Photo by Cobrina
Natalie Ebaugh teaches a quilted jacket class while standing in front of a colorful backdrop that includes a large blue-toned quilt plus other patchwork quilted coats hanging on rack to the right
Screenshot from Natalie’s class

For a different mood, things got just a little bit spooky on Courtney’s set for her class on monoprinting during Artober. Lots of botanical fall feels plus spiderwebs and mummy gauze.

Backdrop for a film set with a spooky fall theme including black and cream gauze draped on the wall plus a wood table filled with various plants, gourds, and candles
Photo by Cobrina
Courtney Cerruti sits at a table to teach a monoprinting class in front of a spooky backdrop with gauze, plants, candles and gourds
Screenshot from Courtney’s “Artober: 31 Days of Spooky Monoprints

In Amber of Damask Love‘s set, Amber shines brightly in front of her ultra cheerful backdrop that echoes her joyful energy. It’s part workshop and part party time – the best combination!

Amber from Damask love stands in front of a colorful backdrop with party garlands and wooden shelves filled with craft supplies
Screenshot from Amber’s “Cricut Crafts: Felt Christmas Stocking

It’s always exciting to walk into the studio and see what the new set looks like. Courtney and Cobrina’s designs create a world that our instructors and crew work inside for a shoot week and also a world that you can visit and enjoy when you take each Creativebug class.