Baby Shower Help from Creativebug Instructors!

the girls

If you aren’t lucky enough to be an aunt yet (looking anxiously at your two older brothers doesn’t work. I’ve tried) I think the next best thing is being an ‘auntie’ to your best friend’s first baby!

Ashley, Katie and I became best friends in High School. We share everything with each other. So when Ashley called to let us know that she was pregnant, Katie and I immediately started conjuring her baby shower. Well.. we squealed and danced first… but then we got down to business.

Right before we started planning the party, we filmed Amy Karol’s apothecary class at CBug Studios. Rose Hydrosol Facial Spray became the easiest party favor decision ever. A sweet rosie smell to remind guests of the sweet baby girl soon to arrive.


After learning to knit with Maggie Pace’s Creativebug workshop I just couldn’t put my needles down. I tackled this simple garter stitch sweater (I changed the pattern just a bit) as the ultimate auntie-made shower gift. I had Ashley pick out four of her favorite buttons for this secret project. It added a nice touch when she opened the gift and saw her chosen buttons in action.


To continue the book theme I made tiny notebook garlands and stamped their covers with Christine Schmidt’s Yellow Owl Workshop stamps. Each guest was asked to take a book off the garland and write a special note to Ashley or baby for them to read together. This was by far my favorite project, and guests really got into their note writing!



Vintage hankies were strung up, two different soups were made (it was in Portland, in December), presents were opened, and one very special mama’s belly was rubbed by every greeted guest.


Baby Djuna arrived a few days after Christmas. She is the the sunshine in our day, and the perfect addition to our friend family. Needless to say, there will be MANY more Creativebug projects is this sweetie’s future.