Announcing: Underwater Basket Weaving


We are very excited to announce our newest class…

Underwater Basket Weaving with Alexi Ueltzen

Underwater basket weaving is a fun way to add depth to your weaving skills…literally. Improve your finger dexterity while you increase your lung capacity and never spend a day bored in the pool — and under the water — again. These bottom-up baskets are also a great way to add DIY flavor to your Easter décor.

You will learn

  • How to hold your breath
  • The best materials for chlorinated and freshwater pools
  • Sinking techniques
  • Submerged basket-shaping strategies
  • How to dry things


  1. Haha … happy April Fools Day! However, there is such a thing as underwater weaving, but you don’t submerge yourself to do so. Nor is it for coarse work like the basket pictured above. You can keep your head above water. I have a straw hat that’s the most impossibly fine woven material you can imagine, and yes – it is woven under water. It’s the only way to keep the grass soft enough to be vowen tightly enough. Possibly the weavers imagine themselves as mermaids, or maybe they consider themselves master craftspersons, proud to be holding an ancient tradition alive.

    • Hi Berte – thanks for all the background info. We know that true underwater basket weaving produces some pretty amazing pieces. Happy April first!

  2. I never knew there was actually such a thing as underwater basket weaving. That is something our family used to always joke about. That and, ” right after I’m done eating this bar of soap.”

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