Alt Summit Recap and Videos

We had such an amazing time at ALT SF last week and we loved talking to so many of you about the role handmade plays in your lives. We’re thrilled to share this short video we created from the stories and memories you shared with us. It always warms our hearts to hear people wax poetic about bringing more handmade into their lives.

Cbug Studios

The night before ALT, we hosted a small group of attendees for dinner in our studio. Courtney transformed our space into a paper flower wonderland, which was immediately filled with the creative and generous energy of everyone who joined us for dinner.


Early the next morning we were busy making chevron necklaces, bracelets and earrings with surprisingly bright-eyed ALT attendees.

TIki Room

It doesn’t get better than lunch in the Fairmont’s legendary Tonga Room.

After talking to people about handmade, we turned to a lighter topic: shoes. Because there were SO many amazing shoes at ALT. Thanks to everyone who indulged us. Look for your pretty tootsies in the video above.

Alt Summit

We floated away from the conference feeling motivated and inspired. Thanks again to everyone who joined us at dinner, crafted with us and carved time out of their day to engage in great conversations. We look forward to staying connected with all of you!