4th of July DIY Round-Up

Sparkler Collage

Who needs DIY projects when you have fireworks?

Answer: those of us who just. can’t. stop.

Just because you’re hanging outside, eating hot dogs and slapping away mosquitoes this weekend doesn’t mean you can’t do it patriotically. And for the 4th of July, DIY projects abound. Stars and stripes make pretty dang cute decorative elements, and since the holiday basically requires a barbecue, hosts have lots of chance to present food in a cheerful, patriotic way.

Plus, fireworks.

4th of July DIY Round-Up

Delicious Stars and Stripes

Red, white and blue. Stars and stripes. Make some themed food, already.

4th of july food

Clockwise from left

Festive fruit salad from wit & whistle.

The perfect cake fromĀ Just a Taste.

4th of July fruity drinks from mom.me.

Watch the Show from a Handmade Blanket

If you’re heading to a fireworks show, or watching them outside on a chilly evening, cuddle up on (or in) a handmade blanket.

4th of July Quilt

Wear Your Patriotism on Your Sleeve.

Or your head, if you prefer that look.

4th of July clothes

Clockwise from left

Make a star-stamped bandanna with Say Yes.

Use masking tape and fabric paint to update some white sneakers.

Turn jorts into something a little more American with We Heart It. If that’s even possible.

Sparkle Magic

A few hacks make playing with sparklers decor-friendly. Stick them in a party cup to add them to your tabletop or drop them in clear jar. Professional tip: Do you have a camera that can take long exposure shots? Bust it out, then run around, sign your name, and basically go nuts with the sparklers when they’re lit. The results will be impressive.

Sparkler Collage

Kid-Friendly Crafts

Get your kids to help you decorate. That way you can blame any messes on them. “Billy left all that glitter out. It definitely wasn’t me.”

kid 4th of july Collage

Clockwise from left

Simple supplies are all you need to make these gorgeous glitter candle jars from Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Make 4th of July Popper Rockets with Alpha Mom.

Fireworks rings from Fantastic Fun and Learning. You need ’em.

What 4th of July projects does your family make?