3 DIY Skills to Master in 2015

Cabled Afghan Knit-Along

New year.

New you.

New chance to show Pinterest who’s boss and actually master some valuable DIY skills.

Here are three skills we think everyone can master in 2015:

1. Start a Sketchbook

Take Lisa Congdon’s Line Drawing class and you’ll never look back. She covers the basics of line drawing, lettering, and geometric shapes in a way that makes it totally accessible for doodlers of all ages. Add cool shapes to your notes at work, jazz up a handwritten letter or start a daily journal. It’s amazingly meditative.

Lisa in studio

Ready to take your journaling to the next level? Take Dawn Sokol’s Art Journaling course and/or Lisa’s Sketchbook Explorations. You will be amazed at how easy it is to make gorgeous, gorgeous things in those previously-blank pages.

Journal Background 2

2. Make Your Own Clothes

Whether you’re dusting off an old sewing machine or you’ve resolved to make your own wardrobe for a year (hey, it’s not that ridiculous), we have a fabulous collection of sewing classes that will turn you into, basically, a Project Runway contestant. Just with none of the insane runway shows or stress.

Please, just give me a call if you need someone to tell you to “Make it work.”

That being said, we really do cover it all. Liesl Gibson can walk beginners through how to use their sewing machines and also has a great intro to different types of fabric.

Fabric 101

Cal Patch has one of my favorite series of classes on the site for anyone who’s really ready to dive into garment construction: Pattern Drafting. And you can pad out your closet with leggings, tops, dresses, and all kinds of awesome accessories.

Sew a Sailor Top

3. Learn to Knit

Everyone, yes, everyone, can appreciate a snuggly scarf. Or a pair of mittens.

Arm-Knit Cowl

What I’m getting to, folks, is that it’s winter. While it’s snowing or raining or being generally unpleasant outside, you can make a cozy accessory with your own two hands, a skein of yarn and some sticks (the experts call them “knitting needles”). Whether you need to learn how to cast on or you’re ready to tackle a whole afghan, the Creativebug knitting instructors provide detailed instructions, patterns, and techniques.

chop wood carry water mittens