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Our very own Heather Jones is releasing her debut book Quilt Local tomorrow. In it, she designed a collection of 20 quilts, each inspired by objects and places close to home. Pattern by pattern, Jones takes readers behind the scenes of her process, sharing photographs of her sources of inspiration, sketchbook pages, and the finished quilts. In addition, she offers an accessible lesson in color theory as it applies to quilt making.

If you haven’t already noticed, our favorite way to celebrate good news is by doing a giveaway. So celebrate with us and enter the Quilt Local giveaway!

Enter The Heather Jones Quilt Local Giveaway

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Here’s How To Enter:

  1. Enter your name and email in the Rafflecopter widget below.
  2. Tell us what inspires you to create by leaving a comment on this blog post.

Here are the amazing prizes that ONE lucky winner will receive:

  1. Three month of unlimited access to Creativebug where you can take all of Heather’s amazing classes.
  2. One copy of Quilt Local
  3. Materials – provided by Robert Kaufman Fabrics, Pellon, and Aurifil Thread – to create the Austin Quilt from Quilt Local (pictured below)

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The giveaway begins on Tuesday, October 6th (12:00am) and ends on Wednesday, October 21st (12:00am). Good luck!

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  1. This past weekend, my inspiration came from a family visit to the zoo. The patterns on the shell of a tortoise and on moon jellyfish had me wondering how I could use the patterns in my handicraft.

  2. I am inspired by fabric, fiber, watercolors, colors, the sky, babies, beautiful days, great artists and the amazing instruction I am finding on Creativebug. I have found inspiration and crafts that I have never imagined.

  3. A great source of inspiration for me is my kids’ artwork. They come up with great color combinations and the way they approach art making is so liberated.

  4. I find inspires me to create is nature, being in my studio, looking at my fabric, looking through my books, getting on my computer and talking with people at myi guild and different groups that I create with. I love to dye fabric, sew fabric, knit fibers together and create things. I love to learn new/old ways of doing things and try to perfect them. I love the idea of things being handmade and spreading the word to other about appreciating handmade items. And slowing life down so you are able to enjoy the process of creating items being handmade and spreading the love and supporting others to do the same. I also like the idea of supporting local, while it be getting your tires changed or buying fabric, yarn or a tomato. …..or a few tomatoes. Good luck to you with your new book, i hope i win it it would be fun! Have a great day. Gayle

  5. I started quilting a few days before and i enjoy it a lot. Learning Classes inspires me to do more. Heather jones classes are great for a beginner like me. I like the pineapple traditional patchwork quilt and love to make many more.

  6. I’ve been wanting to start quilting for the longest time now. I don’t know why I haven’t started, but I should def make that a New Years resolution!

  7. What inspires me is seeing all the new fabrics and colors with so much room for imagination from the quilter. I also think taking classes gives huge amounts of inspiration that you don’t always get just sewing at home.

  8. I am inspired by my kids’ artworks. They come up with some awesome color combinations and the way that they create so intuitively, and with so much joy, is very inspiring as well.

  9. i think color is one of the biggest inspirations i have to create. i love putting together colorful fabrics and threads and materials and with unusual color combinations. i love making things with my hands…

  10. I’m inspired every time I see bright colors. In nature, in culture, even in man made items. Color is my friend. The brighter the better.

  11. I love working with fabric and thread. Heather’s use of solid fabrics/colors inspires me to try larger/bolder patterns.

  12. I get inspired by the world around me. Patterns of a cobblestone walkway, birds lined up on telephone wires, view of fields from an airplane window…


  14. I find inspiration in the museums, the nature and also I just walk fo rmy city and watch what people do, I take photos with my mobil and then at home I reproduce what I’ve done.

  15. I am inspired to create by first having a need for something and then trying to find the most satisfying way to fill it.

  16. I find inspiration all around me. Nature, friendships, family. Right now I am mesmerized by the color and textures in the sky and clouds.

  17. There are so many things! Seeing the work of others, seeing a need that needs to be filled, in my house or someone else’s, the seasons, a great color scheme, the drive to do something beyond my paid work and house work, something my son mentioned… The list goes on!

  18. My inspiration comes from my heart! l think about who I am creating something for, then I am flooded with ideas. The idea that touches my heart for that special someone is the direction I go.

  19. Inspiration comes from all around me. Architecture, floors, plants, gardens, other quilts, almost anything in the world around me. Whether it’s shapes, colors or any combo, I keep my eyes and mind open all the time.

  20. Seeing beautiful fabric and other creations drives me to my sewing machine. It can be digging through my stash or looking at a beautiful blog or book. It makes me want to run home and see immediately.

  21. I tend to be inspired by the person I’m creating for- their style, personality, etc. I am often also inspired by what others are making and creative spins on traditional methods/ patterns. This is an amazing prize- thanks for the chance to win!

  22. I suppose it’s my own brain. There are always little ideas bubbling up in there. Or maybe my eyes? I see a snippet of something and an entire idea/project pops up in my head.

  23. I get inspiration from anything, really. A shirt someone wore the other day, an iron fence, a door, a painting. Just everyday sights that speak to me because of their color, texture, design, composition, lighting.

  24. Not living in an urban setting and not having a local quilt store, much of my inspiration comes from the Internet and quilting magazines. When I do get into town, I love to browse the quilt stores for more inspiration.

  25. I’m inspired by vintage things. Quilts ,doiles,vintage tablecloths,just about anything vintage. I love the vintage colors. Some are even making a comeback.

  26. My inspiration is usually taken from others’ quilts… the colors they’ve chosen, or a design element they’ve focused on. I’m exploring improvisational piecing, which is, in my opinion, more complex and thought-demanding.

  27. I am inspired both by the colors and patterns in fabrics and by imagining how a planned recipient would love the quilt.

  28. Inspiration can come from anywhere. A pattern I see, a blog, nature, a museum, a tile, a TV show, a child’s drawing, today it was a crazy mushroom got me thinking.

  29. I’m inspired by urban structures and by rural landscapes. One extreme to the other, I know, but interesting shapes and colors in both!

  30. My source of inspiration comes from browsing the web and looking at all the beautiful quilt designs there are. I then match a fabric collection with a quilt pattern I adore. I also like playing with a host of Kona solid colors to create beauty.

  31. Inspiration comes from all around me! Loooove colors!!! The sky, trees (‘specially in Fall!), flowers, paint chips, country drives, Farm Markets….just daily things can spark an Inspiration! 🙂

  32. I’m not happy if I’m not creating. Its an ongoing urge. I’m in love with all the modern fabric coming out. It calls me to make something out of it. I

  33. Lately I’ve been taking a magpie approach to inspiration, picking up ideas from all sorts of places…the geometric pattern on a tea towel, books that I’m reading, colours I see everyday, indigenous art. I need to get better at recording the inspiration!

  34. I am most inspired by what I see on sewing and quilting blogs. I will see something that I’d like create, but change up the fabrics to make it my own. I don’t like to copy anyone’s creations when I have so many ideas of my own!

  35. Inspiration often comes from shapes and colors in nature and the environment around me. Pebbles in the road, waves crashing on the beach, the colors of the trees…

  36. I am inspired by seeing what amazing things others have come up with, and trying to figure out how I could make something similar with what I have on hand.

  37. Things I see in nature, books, magazines, on blogs, etc. inspire me to create. I love being able to make gifts for family and friends.

  38. Nature, people watching, magazines, Blogs and sites like Creative Bug inspire me to make, create and plan projects.

  39. I’m frequently inspired by nature, with my family being big campers, we’re always out by the river, enjoying a fire, or watching the leaves change color and fall. All of those a big inspirations for me.

  40. I’m inspired to create things that my children or myself or others need. I find inspiration reading books/magazines, classes, Instagram, and blogs.

  41. People I love inspire me to create because most often I am creating gifts for them! I rarely keep anything I make! I’ve only made small baby quilts and wall hangings, I have always wanted to expand into a larger quilts. I’ve done several, tie off type comforters, but I don’t really consider that quilting as it’s just a big top and bottom not pieced. I look forward to having the time and material to do my first pieced quilt. I do all kinds of crafts as well as digital nature photography. I often say it saves my sanity! :~}

  42. Inspiration comes from the many tutorials posted by bloggers and e books or bound books found on line and in local quilt or sewing shops. Currently I’ m stitching up a lot of bags and pillows from posts such as this. also my quilting/sewing friends often gift me w/fabric or a notion and of course I get the itch to stitch from that gesture. THank you.

  43. The people in my life inspire me to create. Spouse, daughters and granddaughters and grandson asking, “Can you make/fix this?” gets me thinking and creating.

  44. I make things because I want to give something personal to the people in my life. After so many years of trying to buy the “right” gift for someone, I decided that a handmade gift, with any and all imperfections, might better embody the “thought that counts.” The hadmade gifts I’ve received have always been among my favorites.

  45. Lots inspire me. Quilt guild meetings, floor coverings, carpet and wallpaper stores. Inspiration is all around us. It like stop and smell the roses…..stop and look around.

  46. Sometimes it is the person I am making an item for that inspires me. Other times, it is just the joy of putting together fabrics and patterns to see if the ideas running rampant in my head come together! Thank you for sharing.

  47. I love clean lines and interesting but simple shapes. I am very drawn to modern quilts and love Heather’s Creativebug classes. I just finished piecing a large scale quilt based on her newest class.

  48. I am a minimalist at heart and love that it is ok to use color and texture to create a mood or reflection. Patterns to simplify are everywhere- in the tile patterns on a bathroom floor, the metal work arches in centuries old buildings and the mix of hues in nature.

  49. I love looking at art galleries for inspiration, love sculpture parks! and well, Pinterest is the never ending source of lots of ideas tooo!!!!! 🙂

  50. i can be inspired by anything and everything. I’ve been inspired by a cutting board believe it or not. I find that a trip to the De Young Museum here in San Francisco usually yields one quilt idea per trip.

  51. I’m inspired by utility quilts and quilters, mostly anonymous. I love Anna Williams’ work and that of the Gee’s Bend quilters.

  52. usually I am inspired to create when I hear about people having new babies! also when I’m supposed to be doing other things like homework! ha!

  53. I think the biggest inspiration for me to create is fabríc, or perhaps I should say fabríc and color. The artistry and saturated colors of today’s designers really strike a chord in me. At the same time I love novelty prints, sometimes the goofier, the better! I definitely don’t consider them just for kids :), well, maybe for the child at heart. And then another love I have are the 30’s retro prints and quilts. I have so many quilts in my head that I want to do! As I said, just looking at the fabrics available gives me my biggest boost of creative thinking!

  54. Being alone with the quiet. That’s hard to come by at my house because I have 4 little girls, but in the morning before the chaos begins, the quiet inspires me. The beginnings of a new day. The anticipation of new possibilities. And really, this is all because of my little girls. I have to grab any free moment of peace and really savor and live it before I’m busy again with my babies.

  55. inspired by those who came before me and worked so hard with their hands to make the quilts to keep their family warm! love hearing the stories that goes with making a quilt – and love seeing the smiles when you give one to someone! the happiness it brings!

  56. I get inspiration from everywhere really. Colors in a magazine, leaves on the trees, a bird in flight, the sweet and sometimes kooky interests of my kids, even the pattern on someone’s dress. It all drives that desire to create and express or share, in some way, the beauty I’ve seen all around.

  57. Colours, the seasons, particularly the park I can see from my flat, and patterns in situ e.g. pavement cracks, lampposts, graffiti, mosaics.

  58. I am inspired by everything around me and especially by bright and vibrant colors whether it be in flowers, fabrics, or buildings. I am also inspired when I think about the person I am making for. Thanks!

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