#CBSketchbooking Contest

In case you didn’t know, Pam Garrison’s Creative Sketchbooking series is releasing tomorrow! In this four-part series, Pam Garrison provides ample opportunity to experiment in your sketchbook using pens, paints, collage, and sheer imagination. These creative exercises are meant to release inhibition, allowing you to doodle, respond, and see where the paintbrush takes you. In celebration of this awesome work along, we are launching the #CBSketchbooking Contest


Enter The #CBSketchbooking Contest

Pam Garrison’s Creative Sketchbooking series will have four parts:

1. Playing With Pens and Paint

2. Painted Backgrounds and Responsive Drawings

3. Playing With Collage

4. Out of the Sketchbook and Onto the Canvas

Starting tomorrow, we will be releasing an intro video every Tuesday (7/28, 8/4, 8/11, and 8/18) for each part on Facebook. We will also post cool graphic on Instagram. To enter for the first part of this contest, you have to help us spread the word. Here’s how.

  1. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram
  2. When we release a new video on Facebook every Tuesday, like it and share it onto your FB wall using the hashtags #Creativebug and #CBSketchbooking
  3. When we release a new graphic on Instagram every Tuesday, like it and re-post it to your Instagram using the hashtags #Creativebug and #CBSketchbooking

We are going to pick one winner every week from Facebook, and one winner every week from Instagram (8 total winners) Enter for a chance to win:

  1. $25 gift card to Michael’s
  2. 3-month all access Creativebug subscription.


  1. Follow Creativebug on Pinterest
  2. Create a board titled “Creative Sketchbooking” telling us what inspires you to sketch and draw
  3. Take parts 1-4 of Pam Garrison’s Creative Sketchbooking series
  4. Pin all of your sketches onto your “Creative Sketchbooking” board
  5. Add @creativebug, #creativebug & #CBSketchbooking on every pin
  6. Submit your email address + a link to your board on this blog entry

The Grand Prize winner will receive the following:

1. 1 year all access Creativebug subscription

2. $50 Michael’s gift card

3. A sketchbook with original work from Pam Garisson



  1. How does one access class. I signed up and got app. You donot tell how to access classes. When I use the app and touch pams class the whole app crashes repeatly

    • Hi Minnie,
      We are currently working on this problem and are sorry for the inconvenience. Please use the mobile site as we work on resolving the issue. Thank you and happy crafting.

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