The Big Sewing Giveaway with Oliver + S!

Who’s excited about all of these blooming lilac trees and picnic weather weekends? We here at Creativebug HQ are! To celebrate spring we’ve teamed up with Oliver + S and gathered an amazing package of prizes for one lucky winner. Oliver + S was founded in 2008 by Creativebug sewing instructor Liesl Gibson. Her expertly crafted patterns and adorable designs have been motivating home sewers ever since. To learn more about Liesl and her inspiring story view her trailer on the Creativebug site here.

One lucky winner will win ALL of these amazing things from Oliver + S:
1 Three month subscription to Creativebug
1 Roller Stake Dress + Tunic pattern (winner picks size range)
1 Sleepover pajamas pattern (winer picks size range)
1 Class Picnic blouse + shorts pattern (winner picks size range)
1 Autographed Oliver + S ‘Little Things to Sew‘ book
3 yards of Oliver + S ‘Cape Ann‘ fabric by Moda

Phew! What a list! To enter to win leave a comment on this post telling us which class you’d like to take next on Creativebug, or which class you would start with if you’re new to the site! For an additional entry to win like us on Facebook.

We’ll announce a winner on Friday, May 17th. Good luck!


  1. I’m new to the site and found several I’d love to take. But for the first, I think I’ll go with Birds of a Feather Maxi dress. Thanks for a fantastic giveaway!

    • my husband bought me a sewing machine a few yrs ago for Christmas I haven’t taken it out to the box yet. just need a refresher course and this prize would just be the thing for me to refresh with.

      • would love girl and boy patterns for my g/children boy size 8-10 girl sizes 4t 5t and size 6

    • I would love to take the embroidery class but my 11 year old daughter really wants to learn how to sew especially up cycling so I’d rather take that class to get her started as soon as I get her a machine.

    • I need a class that helps me figure out my new serger! It would make up cycling certain fabrics a million times easier.

  2. Wow, I’d LOVE to win this and sew the skate dress for me new little niece, Vivienne 🙂 As it happens, I just signed yesterday on for 3 months of tutorials with Creative Bug and I’m super impressed with the quality of the instructions. I stayed up late last night watching until my eyes just wouldn’t stay open. I love how clear the instructors make it and the vids are divided up into segments that make it easy to jump around and skip parts you already know. Can’t wait to try them all (would love to see more jewelry tuts!).

  3. A class in custom fitting – matching your body measurements to a pattern would be great. LOVE your site!

  4. It is hard to choose but as I recently invested in a sewing machine I would love to attend the sewing a sundress class or the dart manipulation class as I am trying to teach myself. I have not been here before so I am glad to have found you from Facebook.
    Thanks for the competition and good luck everyone 🙂

  5. Hi i would love either a total beginner class in machine embroidery as ive never done it before. i have a brand new sewing machine and have just bought an old second hand one for my daughter as although im a trained machinist my daughter has never sewn before! I love baking cakes so we have combined the two and so my daughter and her little girl come to my house every monday for a cake & sew class. Its a chance for us to catch up and also teach her how to sew and hopefully her 15month old granddaughter will lap up a craft gene while she watches us lol. So far my daughter has managed to make some cushions, they look adorable and our next project is to make some maxi dresses for our holiday to spain! I would so love to win this prize and it will come to a very crafty house and will be shared out between my daughter and i so please please! xxx

  6. This is a wonderful prize from a very creative site. It would be an absolute dream to win this gift.

  7. Wow, so many great classes to choose from. But I think I’d choose the Creative Gift Wrapping to start with.

  8. ooooo!! I want to do the Sewing Leggings course! As a yoga teacher – that will come in REALLY handy!

  9. This is an amazing prize from a wonderfully creative site. It would be a dream to win this gift.

  10. I think I am urgently in need of “machine quilting basics” followed quickly by “quilt finishing and binding” – I have 1.5 quilt tops finished and waiting for me to be brave enough to start.

  11. I would love to make some clothes for my grandchildren. Just found your site but will be using it I no

  12. I would like to take a crochet and a knitting class designed for us lefties. It is so hard to learn things backwards.

  13. I would love a class on making classic dresses that can be worn to work. I love the look of professional dresses but never see any affordable ones.

  14. I’m a beginning quilter, so I’m very interested in Quilting 101: Patchwork. Thank you! Pick me, pick me!! 😀

  15. I would love to take the class on the crochet edge scarf. I dont know crochet, but I’d learn JUST for that scarf! It looks absolutely gorgeous, pretty amazing what a few details can do to a piece! Its great to be able to take classes online because I learned how to sew in the US and I ONLY work with inches (its what I learned with) so now that I live in Colombia, sewing classes online that are THIS helpful are pretty amazing! Can’t wait to start, so glad I found this site!

  16. I’d like to join in on the embroidery sampler. It would be cool to add to plain pillow cases and make them look vintage. Cute for my girls’ summer dresses! <3

  17. I Would like to learn to customise the pattern. Also, learning how to give clothes a second chance would be interesting. For example, I have a lovely shirt which used to belong to my husband but is a little bit too small for him. I would love to sew a nice clothing item for myself. I would appreciate some ideas 🙂

  18. Would love to take quilting classes., and machine embrodery. I have had a machine for a few years that embroderies but have not had the nerve to try reading the instructions and embrodery.

  19. Am new to the site, lots of lovely ideas, I think I would choose rossita quilt love the pattern.

    Thanks for chance to win such lovely prizes

  20. I am new to the site, lots of great ideas but think I would choose rossita quilt pattern.

    Thanks for such a great giveaway

  21. I would love to win anything to do with sewing ,it’s all new to me as I am just a beginner so I would be grateful for anything thank you for this great competition xxxx

  22. This is a wonderful site and I would love to take the “machine quilting basics” class. I am a quilter, but a little afraid of machine quilting. Thanks.

  23. I would take the sewing leggings course, or just about anything with Anna Maria Horner. : ) Fingers crossed!

  24. I would love to take trace a T-shirt make a wardrobe… How fun to sew something that my teenage daughter might wear !

  25. I would love to win this. It is hard to choose but I think I would like to take a class on machine quilting basics.

  26. I would love to have new patterns to sew. I have free time to spare now. New to your site. It is a great site. Looking forward to reading more.

  27. I would love to learn how to make the talisman crocheted necklace…have wanted to learn how to crochet jewelry for awhile.

  28. I’m new to the site. I’ve gotten hooked on bag making, so I’ll have to take all bag classes!! Lol

  29. I would like to take a class on making my own patterns from scratch & how to size them up & fit them properly

  30. I would love to win it for my sister in law who is just starting to sew. I gave her one of my seldom used machines, and she is off and running! (ok, sewing) It’s hard for us to get together for “lessons” and I think she would really enjoy following your blog, and taking classes from you. It’s a lot more convenient that going to JoAnn’s all the time! I sew every day of my life, and it’s my biz…..I usually have up to 1 year backlog, on my waiting list, so it’s really hard for me to give her the time she need/wants right now. Pretty please pick us! lol Thanks, and have a wonderful weekend!

  31. I’m new to the site but what a great idea! Really want to try the rock n roll undies tutorial because DAMN if I could make my own pants I would be unstoppable! I have an underwear collection even my other half complains about so I would love to extend it with my very own designs! Would love to win this, although I never win anything I am just happy to enjoy the site! A win really would make all of my days better! 🙂 love creative bug!!! Xx

  32. How about a class on budgeting your time so you can get done what you need to in a 24 hour day! Seriously, any class on doing things quickly. There are so many wonderful things to do and soooo little time.

  33. I would love to win this! Im new to the site and new to sewing/embroidery so any beginner classes are great!

  34. What a great giveaway! I love that it’s Oliver & S, since I have plans to make a few items for my daughter this summer. In fact, the next workshop I will be doing is the new Morse Code dress.

  35. What a terrific giveaway! I would like to take the children’s class and anything on machine embroidery. Regardless how many years you have sewed or embroidered, you always learn another tip.

  36. I’m new to your sight and have not had a chance to look at the different classes but I hope to real soon. Would love to win some of the freebies, though.

  37. I would love a class on drafting a pattern or at least being able to change it. I wanted a coat pattern for my 18 month old granddaughter and could not find one sufficient in her size. I did not know how to change dress patterns so they buttoned down the front and would work with wool.

  38. I think the class for bust adjustments would be beneficial. I’ve been sewing for years and I have no problems following patterns, but I haven’t really learned how to make adjustments.

  39. What a wonderful contest. I would use the patterns to make beautiful creations for my grandchildren. I’d love to take a lesson in advanced machine quilting.

  40. I’m new and I’d love to take “Journal of Family Life” or maybe “Trace a T-shirt, Make a Wardrobe” or maybe…. Oh, goodness there are so many!
    Love the Oliver + S giveaway! A couple of those patterns are my favorites!

  41. So many lovely things to make but i think the pop over sundress would be the first on my list. Olivia x

  42. I would love a class on being able to make my own pattterns (Draft) or to be able to manipulate a current pattern to make it fit properly. Thanks. 🙂

  43. Sewing techniques producing professional finishes! And I like Alabama Chanin ideas, too. Me, me, pick me… please.

  44. I’d love to take any of Liesl’s classes — she has such a thorough grasp of tailoring and pattern making.

  45. I would LOVE to learn to sew clothes and craft handbags! I know some basics and dabble, and my grams was a seamstress her whole life (may she rest in peace), but she lost her eyesight before I was old enough to learn so she was unable to teach me. 🙁

  46. OMG I am so new to this site, I can’t even find the list of classes! I would love it if there was a video on fabric draping on a dress form.

  47. Either a sundress class, leggings or any quilting class sounds fabulous ! What a fab competition, would love to win and have liked the fb page too xxxxx

  48. I would love to learn about custom fitting…or even embroider…or a class to learn my serger.
    I honestly couldn’t find anything that showed your classes….the site seems to be taking me to some random page when i search.

    I hope I win!! 🙂

  49. Sewing techniques producing professional finishes is the class I’d love to take, thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  50. I just found your site last week and am a beginning seamstress so anyhing would be appreciate very much and such a surprise. I can’t seem to get off my computer since and am trying to read all the comments and getting a lot of good tips and sugestions. Thanks you.

  51. I would love a class on total beginner and where to start or how to pick the right fabrics for the right project made alot using hand sticthing techniques and now want to move into making dresses using a machine as my handals arent what they used to be and having a big family at home i no longer have time to hand sew everything.

  52. I’d really like a step by step guide to sewing jersey/stretch fabric without an overlocker. I keep hearing others mentioning these in blogs, and have purchased the hopscotch Oliver + s pattern ready for a try, but still too anxious to actually make it!

  53. Would love to see a class or two on sltering fit or patterns for large breasts (but not large size in general)…

  54. Pick just one?! I’d start with the handmade soap one, but I can’t imagine that would be the last! So fun!

  55. Always enjoy learning new techniques. Perhaps a class on pattern adjustments or creating beautiful undies!

  56. Oh, hello creative bug! I’m a newbie but so happy to have found you via Oliver & S!
    I would love to take either the bust adjustment class or the Rosy quilt class! And as for the other goodies, well, yum!

  57. I’d love a class on custom fitting, I make clothes for my children but not often for myself as I find adult patterns a bit trickier! X

  58. I would love a class on basic applique with a machine. I tried last night… it worked but headaches galor and I still think I did it wrong…

  59. I’ve never taken a creativebug class before – what a neat site!
    I’d take the class on bust adjusting. I have several patterns that need tweaked but no confidence to do it!

  60. What a great giveaway! I would like to take the Beginning Crochet class as that’s a craft I just can’t conquer!

  61. Since I am about to be new to the site I would love to try out the Peasant Dress! And Loved the Pattern drafting classes that are available too! And I liked you on Facebook! I am so happy I saw this post from Oliver + S!!

  62. What a neat site! I would definitely start with one if the classes on drafting patterns – probably the one about drafting a t-shirt!

  63. The sample skirt for the Traditional Applique class by Natalie Chanin is stunning. I’d love to explore her techniques.

  64. I love your site and would like to take a class with Leisel on lengthening and shortening patterns. Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. I have always wanted to be able to crochet, so I would like to try the beginner crochet class on Creativebug.

  66. Wow – what a fantastic giveaway! I am definitely interested in the dart manipulation workshop. That just looks like it could have so many applications.

  67. I’d love to take the Caftan class with Liesl Gibson.
    I’ve been making quite a few Oliver +S objects and I’m in love with the way she designs for children… I think the Caftan is a great opportunity to make one of her designs for me (as kind of a Mothers’ Day gift to myself, no?). I also keep hearing that she’s fantastic to learn from, and BOY do I need it.

    I’m a beginner sewer, teaching myself as I go, and some great kid patterns (I have a boy and a girl) including the book (which I’m lusting after) in addition to a months’ worth of classes would be just what I need!

  68. I would love to take an advanced machine quilting class….maybe then I can confidently complete some of my UFOs!

  69. I would love to do the pattern making class or the bust adjustment/tailoring classes. Trying to get better at those skills. I also like you on Facebook. Thanks!!

  70. I’m new to your site! I’d start w/ the lazy days skirt class. I can’t wait to look over all the various sewing videos you offer.

  71. I’m new here and am interested in the quilting 101 and trace a t-shirt make a wardrobe. Also, the making a patternmaking simplified would be helpful.

  72. Hello! I’m a huge Oliver and S fan! I would love to take the Embroidery Sampler and/or dart manipulation. Thanks!

  73. Thanks for the chance! I think I would really enjoy the drafting leggings patterns class. I know it would be something I would use again and again.

  74. I’m going to sew the kaftan ready for my holiday to France next month. I bought the linen for it as a treat in London last month, and am very exciting, it will be my first creative bug experience!

  75. LOVE the Morse Code Dress – would love to take that course – 4 year old granddaughter would be so excited to receive that one.

  76. Probably Machine Quilting or one of the classes by Liesl! I ove that my computer is in my sewing room so I can watch tutorials as I sew! Thanks!

  77. Wow. What an interesting site. It think I would choose “Introduction to Double Knitting”. I would love to win this, because my copy of the book disappeared during a move. One of the boxes of books we shopped never arrived, sigh.

  78. I’m new to this site, but I’ve made the Ice Cream dress and blouse and I love Oliver + S patterns. I’d love to do the Maxi Dress class! Great giveaway, amazing package!

  79. Wow! Amazing choices. I feel like someone just discovered what’s going on inside my head. I think the rice paper laterns would be fun and useful. I love crafts that produce kore enjoyment time than consumption time. Cant wait to get started on these.

  80. so many great classes!!! I’d love to take one of Heather Jones’ quilting classes or Cal Patch’s pattern making class. What an AMAZING giveaway! I love Oliver & S patterns and would love to add these to my collection!

  81. I’d like a class in adjusting patterns, with to little girls, 3 years apart, they don’t fit in the same size categories so I always need to buy several sizes, would be ideal if I could do it myself.

  82. I’d love to take the Embroidery Sampler class. My grandmother used to embroider all the time, but it’s the one craft I feel like she never taught me. Great giveaway!

  83. I found this from a link on the Oliver + S blog, and I am SO glad! I came for the giveaway, but I am so excited about what’s here! I am a moderately experienced seamstress (I sew my kids’ clothes), and in love to knit, but there’s so much I want to learn! I will definitely be taking Machine Quilting Basics, and I would love to take the Diamonds in the Sky course by Heather Jones, or Quilt Making 101. (Can you tell I’ve been hoping to get into quilting?) I am so excited about your site! I would LOVE to win the O + S patterns and supplies. The clothes I sew from their patterns are always my kids’ favorites, but I kind if feel like I already won because I l’ve found your site! I think I’m going to hint I need a subscription for Mother’s Day; my kids would be thrilled to have a last minute idea! ;0)

  84. I’m new to the site and love it! I think the first class I will take will be the Traditional Applique one. There are so many to choose from!

    Oh and I also, found you on facebook.


  85. I’m new to Creativebug, and there are a LOT of great classes I’d like to take, but I think I’d start with Dart Manipulation with Liesl Gibson. Or Trace a T-shirt, Make a Wardrobe or Multi-Color Screen Printing or…

  86. I like the lined caftan or color image transfers on wood. So many to choose. Thanks for the chance to win

  87. I love anything produce by Oliver + S, so winning this prize package would be amazing! I have been wanting to make that adorable pajama set for my little girl for a while. I would start with Liesl’s classes on pattern adjustments and work my way up to “Pattern Drafting Made Simple”, since I hope to one day design my own sewing patterns.

  88. I am new to the site and would probably take one of liesl’s classes…maybe dart manipulation. What a generous giveaway!

  89. After a quick look at the classes I would take the Dart Manipulation one. I have been sewing with Oliver & S patterns for several years now and can hardly bear to use any others. I wish there were more adult Lisette patterns too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. I’m new to your site and would love to take any of you classes! I plan on making my mom a quilt for her birthday from old clothes that belonged to my grandmother, so I’d definitely start with your Quilting 101 class, since I’ve never quilted before! Thank you!

  91. Brand new to your site … I’m an in at the deep end kinda girl and I love the look of that peasant dress

  92. I have never visited Creativebug before, but I can tell it will be my new favorite site. I would love to take a patternmaking class!

  93. So many classes I would LOVE to try… Love the applique and reverse applique, or the birds of a feather maxi, or the turkish flat bead bracelet, (any of the bracelet classes actually.) What a great selection! Thanks for this great giveaway. Brilliant.

  94. I am new to the site and so happy to have found it through Facebook friends. I would love to learn patchwork quilting and knitting but I think I would have to choose to start with a sewing class to help me make clothes for my family. It would help us so much 🙂 I want to learn it all . . Oh the possibilities 🙂

  95. What a wonderful prize, excellent for an experienced needlewoman to add to their stash or a fairly new beginner like me. I would love to win it !

  96. Oooo awesome giveaway! For classes at xreativebug, I would love to take Intro to Needle Felting, as I’ve been wanting to make my some Waldorf style felted dolls 🙂

  97. Wow, what a gorgeous giveway, I would love lessons in pattermaking clothes for kid. Thank you. I’m a new follower 🙂

  98. What wonderful prizes. I would love any of the Cal Patch classes. Or the Trace a Tshirt. Or maybe the embroidery classes. So many to choose from!

  99. I would love to take the Patternmaking Simplified: A-Line Skirt class by Cal Patch. Keeping my fingers crossed, this is such a great giveaway!

  100. I’d love a class on making little girls clothes, I love sewing for my daughter, but some of the harder pattern still elude me. Thanks for the giveaway, I LOVE O+S and would cherish the patterns!

  101. I would love to take the embroidery sampler class. I’ve never tried embroidery before. It would be so cute on any Oliver + S dress!

  102. I’m new to the site and to start I would like to make the market tote bag (I’m a sew-beginner). Liked the site on facebook and hope to win the give-away!

  103. I love your site with all its offerings. Pattern drafting is something I am really interested in – it would definitely take me out of my comfort zone!!

  104. I’d like to take Liesl Gibson’s “Dart Manipulation” class. Thanks for the competition, I’ve liked you on facebook too!

  105. I would like to take a class on baby quilt (flying gosling) and dart manipulation. Thanks!!

  106. I want to take the dart manipulation class. I would like a tutorial about customizing a girl’s blouse pattern.

  107. I would love to take all the Nathalie Chanin classes as well as a course on machine quilting. Thank you for this giveaway!

  108. I personally would definitely choose Liesl’s caftan class. Love all of her patterns and haven’t bought a pattern from anyone else since I have discovered Oliver+S.
    And I just liked you on Facebook!

  109. I think the improv sewing “Drawing with Thread” looks divine. What a fun little embellishment to add to just about everything!

  110. I LOVE Oliver + S , and the 1st class I would take would be one of Liesel’s, then the dying Ombre napkins looks fun! I’m liking ya’ll on facebook & sharing—for the extra chances to win

  111. Oliver + S patterns are the best – lovely and simple designs that are timeless. I’d love to win this and sew more for the littles.
    I’ve never taken a class from CreativeBug but if I had the time, I’d choose the ‘Intro to Lace Knitting: A Little Something” and finally get back into knitting!

  112. I am new to creative bug and would love to try the pattern making simplified course. What an amazing prize pack you have here. Thanks.

  113. I’m new to this site and I’m glad I’ve found it. I sew but want to learn how to knit and crochet so the simple videos about those things would be my starting point. 🙂

  114. What a lovely bundle, I would be taking the Cal Patch Pattern making simplified class series and i think i would take to some finger knitting as well. Thanks for the chance to win.

  115. Anna Maria Horner’s Flying Gosling Quilt is ONE of the classes on my list to take! Oliver + S patterns are sewing lessons in themselves…and I haven’t bought those patterns yet! Thank you for the super giveaway!

    3rdmargaret at gmail dot com

  116. I’m new to creativebug, but I’d like to take Patternmaking Simplified 2: T-shirt- it’d be great to learn to sew more things for myself. I love Oliver and S patterns for my girls!

  117. I’d love to start out with the Reverse Applique Tablerunner course and then work through some of the other Natalie Chanin videos. What an exciting giveaway package!

  118. Wonderful giveaway! I’d love to see a class about custom fitting patterns, guide to common fitting issues.

  119. How fun! You found me! And I love to make creative things like bags with jewels and shoulder straps for water bottles or computer wires, and kidney warming vests for my little men-grandsons.! Thanks for your work and play!

  120. Ooh, this is a difficult question! I am new to cb and just bookmarked a zillion classes. I especially want to do all of Anna Maria Horners classes, her things are just gorgeous! But I think I’d have to starting with needle felting, as I have a lovely big stash of pure wool felt I bought to play with and haven’t yet touched, and a playful baby who would love some woolly toys for (southern hemisphere) winter….lovely giveaway, thank you.

  121. I’m excited about the apothecary class with Amy Karol and the leggings class with Cal Patch. I follow them both online and love their style.

  122. thanks for this chance to win! i would love to improve my knitting skills, so any of your knitting lessons looks interesting! 🙂

  123. My first class on Creativebugs would be Trace a T-shirt, Make a Wardrobe”

  124. I am new to this site and if I had to pick just one class for starters I would go with the maxi dress. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity.

  125. I am new and would love to take a quilting class because I plan to make a quilt using my children’s old clothes x

  126. I am a first time quilter! I am very excited to see that there are many that are quilters. I am new to this site also. I want to take a T-shirt quilting class. Hopefully if I win, this will be a great “jump start” for me!

  127. been sewing for over 50 years and always enjoy making things to give away. have a new great-grand daughter after 6 grandsons so i will enjoy making girly clothes for this precious little girl. just found this sight and look forward to seeing what is offered. always love to learn new things

  128. I would love to learn to crochet with the beginning crochet course!
    I would love more Oliver +S patterns (I only have one) and cute fabric!

  129. I love oliver + s patterns and would love to be the big winner! Just activated my 3-month membership and have started Liesl’s bust adjustment class, which I plan to use on the Casual Lady pattern I recently purchased. I think I’ll take the popover dress class next and make a maxi dress for my 4-yr-old. She loves momma-made clothes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  130. What a fabulous site, having just found you I think I might be here a while 🙂 I would start with the sew a jumpsuit course or one of the pattern making/adjusting ones. Or maybe a sundress, or maybe crochet…….too much choice!

  131. I love Oliver + S and can’t believe I’m new to this site only now! I’d love to do the Class Picnic blouse + shorts class. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  132. My first Creativebug class would probably have to be “Trace a shirt, Make a wardrobe,” followed by any Liesle Gibson class. Oliver and S patterns are the only patterns I use to sew for my daughter! I also like you on FB.

  133. My first Creativebug class would probably have to be “Trace a shirt, Make a wardrobe,” followed by any class by Liesl. Oliver and S patterns are the only patterns I use to sew for my daughter! I also like you on FB.

  134. I would love to try my hand at advanced machine quilting. I love the Oliver & S patterns. I make dresses for my nieces and people always says they look great.

  135. I would happily take any of the sewing classes, and the pattern-alteration classes are particularly appealing, like the one on Dart Manipulation. Thanks for an amazing giveaway 🙂

  136. I would love the birds of a feather maxi dress class, I have never taken a sewing class before so any class would be great.


  137. I would love a total beginner class in machine embroidery as I’ve haven’t sewn since High School and I just bought a new Sew/Emb maching!

  138. I am new to the site, been sewing and quilting for years. I would love to take the custom fitting class. Thanks!

  139. I just saw the contest and decided to enter. But wow! I had no idea about Creativebug! I am so excited to check out all workshops! I’d love to take the beginner crochet class. It is one craft I have never tried!

  140. Wow! Thanks for the chance and the intro to Creativebug! Lots of interesting classes…..these caught my eye, Lengthen or Shorten Patterns, Waistband Finishing and Pattern Making Simplified. Thanks again, would be thrilled to win! 🙂

  141. I am new to this site. I have been interested in learning to crochet. The beginner crochet class would be a good place to start.

  142. I’m new… And have no idea where to start it all sounds amazing!!! I have a four year old and a 5 month old, both boys so I think outfits or toys for them. Then once I’ve trail my abilities on them something pretty for mummy!!!

  143. I would start with the Birds of a Feather Maxi class – it looks awesome and I love Anna Maria Horner

  144. Would love just a long sack dress/jumper maxi dress pattern! Something simple..with pockets? For petities, 5′ size 14!

  145. I’m new to sewing and the Roller Skate dress would be perfect for my super active 4 yr old niece! I love to learn new skills!
    I <3 Creativebug!

  146. I’ve been wanting to make Anna Maria’s Flying Gosling baby quilt for my newest niece who will be born in a few months, so I would take that class first.

  147. What a great prize packet! I am pretty new to the site, but I would love to take any of the sewing classes!!!!
    Thank You!

  148. I would really like to know how to successfully make gathers and join the gathered material to another piece of the pattern. I would be VERY interested in learning how to hand quilt. Going along with learning to gather, I also would like to learn more about doing darts.

  149. New to the site but when I drop some hours at work I will definitely use this site. Thanks so much for sharing.

  150. I would really love to take the embroidery class but my 11 year old daughter really wants to learn to sew especially up cycling so I’d rather take that class to get her started as soon as I get her a machine.

  151. I have been interested in designing and making my own undies so I would like to take the Rock ‘N Roll Undies class and anything pattern making, alterations, dart manipulation, children fashion and small projects such as hair pieces, collar necklaces, bracelets….
    Yeah I’m new here sorry haha

  152. I am working right now to improve my fitting skills so would like to take the class on moving Darts and anything relating to making a pattern fit. My days of wearing a dress made the size of a pattern are over and I like what I make to fit right

  153. I would love to take the quilt top class. I can never find a bed set that I like but so many fabrics that I would love to complete the room.

  154. Would love to learn how to adapt patterns to fit particular body types (especially mine). So excited to have found this blog…love the Oliver+S styles 🙂

  155. I would live to take a class on quilting and machine embroidery ….. your prizes are awesome!

  156. I would love a refresher on crocheting. I have a sewing machine and a sewing machine with machine embroidery as well as a serger. All of these are gathering way too much dust. The last time they were used was for Christmas gifts. Need to get busy. I would love to win too.

  157. I have just started a craft business as I was made redundant whilst on maternity leave so I would love to go on an embroidery class to help my business, but also to teach my little girl when she’s older 🙂

  158. I have never wan anything, so I thought since this is my lovenlgy passion, I may get super lucky and win you amazing prize???
    Grazie fede

  159. Oliver+S patterns are so great to sew – I have been using them for my grandchildren. My starter video would be the Knitting Colorwork with Kristin Nicholas to help me with my use of color – something that so often challenges me. Thanks for this great opportunity.

  160. Spoilt for choice but if I had to pick just 1 it would be carving rubber stamps ( I think!) or possibly the ATC! Superb prize 🙂

  161. I have just started to get back into sewing after about 20 years!!! I didnt realise how much fun it was and how much I missed it..So a refresher course for sewing would be fantastic..Thank you for offering such good prizes..

  162. Hi I’m new to sewing and tbh would love any workshop, I like being creative and have sewn a few dresses for my four year old daughter with success, buttonholes and zips need work on though.

  163. I just got here on this page! a few days ago I recovered an old sewing machine my mother, I made clean, and fit and now I’m ready to start this adventure in the world of sewing. would be great to start with this fantastic gift 🙂 my first project will be a skirt to dance the American social dances! a kiss from Italy and.. good job!

  164. I am new to sewing as I have just bought an entry level machine. I would love to try any easy/ starter patterns and this prize would be fab to start me off!

  165. My husband has just bought me a new embroidery machine yesterday… Aarrghhh!!!…. So I would certainly love to go on one of your beginners courses… What an inspiration you all are to all us out here… Keep up all the good work you do… It would be a pleasure to be in your company… Luv lynnie xxx

  166. I’d like to have a go at making a peasant dress, my daughter, me, mum n sister could all benefit from me having more confidence in my sewing xx

  167. oh i would love 3 yards of Oliver + S ‘Cape Ann‘ fabric by Moda! got everything: sewing mashine, plenty of ideas, but can’t find nice fabric!:) how i want that… please please please! 🙂

  168. Just started sewing again after so many years, determined to make my own clothes and also done dust pieces for my pre school boy. I would love the Trace a T-shirt, Make a Wardrobe . Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  169. I love craft and sewing, but I am fairly new to the site. After browsing through all the wonderful lessons on offer, I think my first would be Stamped Ceramics. I am so intrigued by stamping, creating my own, and then “putting my own stamp” on a mug!! The end result looks incredible! Oh the possibilities!!

  170. I would be so torn between the “pattern making simplified 2” and a “quilt finishing and binding” class. Either one would be Amazing!!! Crossing My Fingers!!

  171. I’d start with one of Liesl’s classes, probably Dart Manipulation. I would definitely appreciate having a better understanding of how to customize patterns more effectively.

  172. Wow! What an amazing prize- thank you so much for the chance to win it! I would want to take any classes on Printmaking! Always wanted to do it… not that talented. 🙂

  173. I’m looking forward to the Patternmaking simplified class by Cal Patch 🙂 I’ve just discovered Creativebug and can’t wait to get started!

  174. I just found Sewing Corner And Creativebug. The first class I would take on creativebug would be patchwork quilting; second, I would love to take the patterndrafting – aline skirt This looks like a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  175. Hello, I’d love to take some classes on embroidery to supplement my smocking! Thanks for the giveaway!

  176. I would have a hard time choosing! I think perhaps the turkish flat weave bracelets or the image transfers on wood- so many look good! Thanks for the chance to win (I also liked you on Facebook!)

  177. I’m new to all of this but i would love to have a go at making the popover sun dress – hoping we get some sunshine in UK!! 🙂

  178. I would love to take the coptic bookbinding class! I took bookbinding in college and I loved it, but it’s definitely been a while and I would love to brush up on those skills 🙂

  179. I am also new here and would like to start with the pattern making basics. I also liked your site on facebook.

  180. I am new to your site and after having a look around i would go for the Trace a T-shirt, Make a Wardrobe class.

  181. Wow! What a great site. I love to sew. I work way too much as a Director of faculty for 22 college campuses. I would like to take a crocheting course. I kept thinking that I would learn from my sweet mom and then, it was too late. She died 5 years ago and today is her birthday. Just thinking about her and realizing that I really should learn how to crochet. I love to use my sewing machine and I make many dresses for my granddaughters. I look forward to being on this site more often.

  182. Hello, I’m also new here. I bought a sewing machine in December. I would like a class in embroidery. Thank you so much.

  183. I would love a larger lady dress classes then I could make myself some new clothes I can’t always get what I like thanks a lot

  184. Hi fab site just found it. My daughter get’s married this August so I would like the Mr and Mrs Chair hangings or any wedding finery related class really!!

  185. I have just found all these new and oh so exciting sites. If I had the chance I would just adore learning how to make the woodland wallwall hanging 🙂 It looks so beautiful. Hopefully one day.

  186. I have been dress making for many years but never tried embroidery so would love to give that a go

  187. Only just found you guys! Awesome! What a prize!

    I’d probably need to do all the classes lol, mum to 6, eldest is 24 and youngest is 5 months so all sizes, all types, all departments need to be covered!

  188. I’ve taken a couple of classes already–think I might try the Birds of a Feather or Kaffe Fassett quilting ones next. Would love to see something on basic serging (afraid of my machine). Thanks!

    • Anamaria Congratulations! You’re our winner!! We’ll be sending you an email so be on the look out for it so we can mail you your prize pack!

      • Yay! Thank you so much! I should have added that I’ve watched a couple of bookbinding and paste paper making workshops already and LOVED them. Having so much fun with creativebug–you guys are the best!

  189. I just found out about you guys! I can’t choose one class but I’m definitely interested in the crochet and quilting workshops 🙂

  190. Hi, I just found this awesome blog few days ago and I cannot stop browsing the blog since then, it’s awesome!
    I hope that there will be a class for doggie wardrobe 🙂

  191. Amazing giveaway!! I would love to take one of the sewing workshops maybe the “pattern making” ones. Thanks for the chance to win!

  192. I really need to do bust adjustment. I have a full size difference between each side and every single top I make is out in someway or another. This would really help me figure out where to make the alterations for a perfect fit.

  193. I love felt, so I would probably try the woodland wall hanging and the nature pals classes. I also liked you on facebook. Thanks for such a cool giveaway!

  194. Great give away! I am new to the site, but would love to learn how to adapt patterns to fit better and how to make some great clothes for little boys. Thanks!

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