Rebecca Ringquist Embroidery Goodie Package

Calling all embroidery fanatics, this giveaway is for you.

Visual artist, designer and Creativebug instructor Rebecca Ringquist has recently released a new book and we are excited to tell you more about it, along with a super cool giveaway.

Rebecca Ringquist’s Embroidery Workshops is a refreshing new resource that provides it’s readers with cool embroidery techniques, instructions for 20 innovative projects, and all of the ins and outs of embroidery. We are excited to give you all a chance to win this book, along with an awesome embroider goodie package.


Enter The Rebecca Ringquist Embroidery Giveaway


Here’s How To Enter:

  1. Enter your name and email in the Rafflecopter widget below.
  2. Comment on this blog post telling us why you love working on arts and crafts projects.

Here are the amazing prizes that THREE lucky winners will receive:

  1. Three month of unlimited access to Creativebug where you can take all of Rebecca’s super cool embroidery classes.
  2. One copy of Rebecca Ringquist’s Embroidery Workshops
  3. One Pack of Super Solvy Water-Soluble Transfer Material
  4. One Sulky Transfer Marker
  5. One Pack of DMC Embroidery floss
  6. One Pack of DMC Embroidery Floss Bobbins
  7. One DMC Embroidery Floss Organizer
  8. Three packs of Clover Embroidery Needles
  9. One Clover Disappearing Ink Marker
  10. One Pack of Clover Flower Head Pins
  11. One Pack of Weeks Dye Works Embroidery Floss
  12. One Pack of Weeks Dye Works 2 Strand Floss
  13. One Pack of Weeks Dye Works Perle Cotton
  14. One Skein of DyedFiber Perle Tencel
  15. One Dropcloth Sampler “Pysanka”



The giveaway begins on Monday, August 17th (12:00am). and ends on Tuesday, September 1st (12:00am). Good luck!

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Congratulations to Kelley Fewer, Karen LePage and Jana Hill!



  1. I love to make crafts. Creative bug is a perfect place to explore your craftiness and i am sure happy to learn a lot from you guys. Thank you creative bug and rebacca. I am sure happy to explore my crafts. 🙂

  2. I love crafting because it is meditative for me. It always me to escape from the world around me to just be in quiet.

  3. Art helps me answer that question: What is that I’m *doing* here anyway? Crafts help me answer that question while connecting to old skills like embroidery in a modern way. 🙂

  4. I feel most at home, when I have a project going. I am primarily a knitter and I try to knit every day. I bring smaller projects with me when I am out and commuting. The art of turning mere string into garments or household items never ceases to amaze me. I especially love making things for others.

  5. I love working on arts and crafts projects because they allow me to express myself, release stress, and give me a chance to transform something ordinary into something unique and, in my eyes at least, extraordinary.

  6. I love working on crafts because it’s challenging and relaxing at the same time. I like to completely lose myself in a project and I love working with my hands!!

  7. I have a creative mind and I’m trying explore my creative side by researching blogs and artists. I started out with a sewing machine many years ago, if it can be made and it unique I love to try it.

  8. I love doing arts and crafts as a creative outlet and something to keep my hands busy. It can pleasantly challenge me or relax me when the right project is selected. And I enjoy having a beautiful project to show at the end of the effort!

  9. Arts and crafts allow for a creative outlet and by doing each project more inspiration tends to come. It is a beautiful avenue for escape and creative wonder.

  10. Working with my hands helps me concentrate on the task at hand and get out of head. and sometimes I create something very cool and that makes me happy

  11. I love that the rest of the world falls away when in stitching. It keeps me centered and is my outlet when life gets overwhelming.

  12. Gives me a chance to be creative and have another job other than mom. I love being mom but if I don’t sew or crochet I feel lost.

  13. Making crafts and art transports me to a calmer place. It is my form of meditation. It builds my self esteem and allows me to release tension. Im lucky to have such a powerful gift in my life of being able to make!

  14. I love making things because it it makes me feel alive. It calms my soul and helps me feel joy. When I am working on an art project time seems to stand still. I love to create beauty.

  15. I love to make craft projects during my spare time.creative bug is a great platform for doing craft, art and sewing projects. I started my embroidery lessons. So I am really excited about this giveaway!! ?

  16. I love doing arts and crafts for many reasons. First, I love how liberating and amazing it feels; especially when I was told for so long that I wasn’t the “artsy one”. It’s an awesome way to git rid of those negative emotions and feelings period. Creating with your hands makes you so aware of your surroundings and helps you stop and enjoy the little things in life and value your abilities. I could really go on and on but ultimately I love just being able to go to my happy place and see what amazing things I’m capable of!

    ps- I’m incredibly thankful to creativebug and their teachers for showing me exactly how to successfully get all of this creative energy out into so many different and wonderful mediums!

  17. Arts and Crafts are new to me but they have been a lifesaver! No matter how much my health issues throw at me I can both find and lose myself in creating. And, handing over something people use, wear, and even admire makes me feel on top of the world!

  18. I like being able to do something simple as a comfort or challenging to stretch. With handwork it is difficult to be bored.

  19. I love doing arts and crafts because I have an inner need to express myself creatively, it’s great therapy for everyday life, and I have a lifelong love affair with color and design. Thank you for the chance to win. Have a super day!

  20. I’ve actually been sewing and crafting for many years but find that I’m lacking in some handsewing skills. I think this would be a great motivator to hone those skills for future projects. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  21. I am a long time sewist/quilter. Creativebug has expanded my creativity! I look forward to each month of classes that are offered and your monthly desktop calendar is a bonus. Thanks!

  22. Crafting allows me to practice being in the moment. Crafting also connects me to the women–past and present, virtual and in person–who are sisters in craft. My greatest pleasure in craft comes from sharing skills with others.

  23. Hi,
    I love learning new was to express my creativity. I also love learning about crafts that I can teach my students. This site is a wonderful way to learn at your own pace. ?

  24. Whoever said challenging and relaxing hit the nail on the head for me. Very few activities combine those two qualities for me.

  25. Being creative is my Happy Place! Thanks Creativebug for giving me MORE inspiration and information than I can use with the time I have available!!

  26. Doing arts & crafts does many things for me. It relaxes me, it helps me release creative energy, it allows me to give handmade with love gifts. It blesses my life.

  27. I love doing embroidery (and other crafts!) because it slows me down, and calms my brain. I love the colors and textures, and the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a project – even if it didn’t turn out like I’d planned! It’s the best. 🙂

  28. I love to make things. The thrill of finishing a project and seeing something that you have made for yourself to be useful or as a gift for someone else to cherish. 🙂

  29. I just really like making things. I love the feeling when it’s done, especially when it’s something that I’ll use often. I love that crafting can be totally mindless or super intricate and involved.

  30. Crafting helps me to relax and recharge. I also love to learn. Art and craft fuel my passion for creative experimentation and personal growth.

  31. I love working on arts and crafts because it is relaxing, engaging, and produces (usually!) something unique and beautiful!

  32. I love sewing, embroidery and other crafts. I especially enjoy being able to combine mediums and create expressive one of a kind projects. I love the how to detail I get from CreativeBug as well as the inspiration it provides me. Rebecca’s embroidery is unique, and creative. I would love the opportunity to learn from her in her workshop.
    Thank you 🙂

  33. I like making craft because I like to make something pretty and useful for myself and for my family and friends. It is always worth the effort at the end!

  34. I can’t help myself! If I don’t do something creative every day, I feel like something in my life is missing. I love this website because I get to see cool creative activities that other people are doing! Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. I’ve always enjoyed trying new things. My mom started me with arts and crafts when I was really young – from cross-stitch to mop dolls – we made all kinds of things. I continued crafting into adulthood with my most recent forays in crochet and knitting. Now my daughter has the crafting bug. Her drawing and mixed media projects cover her walls. The excitement from sharing creative ideas with others and the feeling of accomplishment when completing a project are what make crafting so enjoyable.

  36. I love Creativebug because it offers so many differend classes and l love to make alot of differend things and learn new things. I took al Rebecca’s embroidery classes but also the watercolor and sketchbookclasses and I really like to learn how to knit socks.
    Being creative makes me happy and relaxed after a day work and my favorite thing to do on the weekends!

  37. In really enjoying making embroidery with the fresh new colors and styles of today. Integrating tradition and modern into art keeps it fresh.

  38. I love Rebecca’s work and have admired her samplers from afar! It’s great that she’s partnered with Creativebug to teach!

  39. I would really love to win this Rebecca Ringquist Embroidery Goodie Package. I recently started back embroidering. Rebecca’s technique is so interesting and I can”t wait to learn it. I mostly crochet but I also knit, loom knit, needlepoint, do plastic canvas projects and of course, embroider.

  40. As many individuals above mentioned, arts and crafts is very relaxing. I love arts and crafts because there are no boundaries, no rules…you create a storm within your brain waiting to explode into its truest craft form – wether it be a painting, a crocheted blanket or even a piece of decorated wood. There are no boundaries, no rules, no deadlines (per se) when it comes to arts and crafts – your imagination and passion is the ultimate driving force to succeed in an art..

  41. I moved to South Africa a year a year ago and found myself very lonely and alone a lot. Sometimes I felt like I had nothing to think about, I was just bla. Then I picked up my Rebecca Ringquist sampler and started to do the drawing classes and found out I had a lot of think about. I’m due to move again in less than a year and I don’t yet know where to but I know I can work through my angst about the unknown by being a part of Creative Bug and creating.

  42. Creating projects for my loved ones and for my home is a way to relax, and yet energize myself. I like having something to show for my time spent quilting and crafting.

  43. I love many different kinds of crafts and all for one reason – they relax me. It’s my therapy and a way to clear my head of all the busy stuff during the day.

  44. I love working on arts and crafts projects because its a great way to stimulate ones creative side. Its really refreshing when we do something which is out of daily work schedule, working on my arts and crafts project is like a meditating for me, it boosts my mood and makes me feel more confident.

  45. I have loved doing all sorts of crafts since I was a child. I learned to crochet from my mom and sew. Since than I have learned to knit, scrapbook, bead and now quilting. Love them all. Only wish there was more time and money:) to do it all. Hand sewing is one of my favorite relaxing things to do while watching TV. I just found Creativebug today and am loving everything so far.

  46. I love seeing something new and beautiful arise from a combination of raw materials. I also love the rhythmic, relaxing experience of sewing and embroidery. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome embroidery package!

  47. I love crafting as it is a way to express my creativity and independent thought. Some crafts are very meditative, like knitting and crocheting, which is great for stress reduction. Finally, I think crafting and learning new things is good for your brain.

  48. Arts and crafts to me is exploring my imagination, broadening my perspectives and horizons, essentially. The beauty of arts and crafts, for me, is that there are no rules to abide by. My imagination is my motivation and crafting is my courage….hence the reason i love arts and crafts. p.s. For some reason my initial comment was not approved.

  49. Working on any craft project for me is both a form of meditation and a wonderful way to express my creativity. Thanks so much for all the inspiration!

  50. Embroidery for me is a lifetime full of great nemories with my mom, my grandmother, and making gifts for friends. Always makes me smile!

  51. Making things is an amazing time for me to connect with me. I love the time it provides for me to just be quiet and create for myself and other people. Making heirlooms is a great honor!

  52. I have been crafting off & on since I was a child, and learned things like embroidery and crochet from my two grandmothers. Even though both of them have passed, I still find myself daydreaming about the happy times I spent learning from them whenever I immerse myself in a project.
    I have been too busy to craft the past couple of years, but recently discovered Rebecca. I just ordered her original sampler yesterday!

  53. It’s such a contrast to working at a computer all day – it’s nice to focus on something tangible, and that doesn’t have to be “right.”

  54. I love working on creative projects as outlet for my own state of mind and as good example to my kids that there is life beyond electronic pursuits!!!!!!

  55. I love quilting and embroidery as it feeds my soul. I have to be creative. I enjoy it, it’s a part of who I am and if I can’t do it, i feel diminished.

  56. My kids would hate it if I didn’t have art as a creative outlet; with all that time on my hands, they’d never have a peaceful moment to themselves!! (Crafting time for me = personal time for them)

  57. I started with learning to cross-stitch a few months ago and then forayed into embroidery when I found Rebecca’s dropcloth sampler and I was hooked. I’ve borrowed her book from the library to learn more stitches and would love a copy of my own!

  58. I love doing crafty things for many reasons. One is that as a mother of three kids, a lot of what I do each day is only temporary (ie cleaning, cooking, laundry). But when I make something it is a great feeling that someone can’t come and eat it or dirty it or undo it. Well I guess they could, but it wouldn’t taste very good! ?

  59. When I work on craft or art projects my mind shuts off to everything else and my stress level goes way down. I love fiber and fabric and color and creating with it. Expressing my creativity is a big part of who I am…

  60. Arts and crafts help connect us to generations of past “makers” and give us an outlet to express our creativity.

  61. When I was younger I fancied myself a poet and an artist – in my later years I have transferred this into knitting, sewing, embroidery and other hands on modes of both creativity and blissful distraction

  62. I learned to crochet before I learned to read. Fiber, thread, and fabric are a part of who I am. I’ve begun exploring embroidery through Rebecca’s classes and samplers, and it is so much fun.

  63. I love learning how to do new things and mastering new skills… But most of all, I love holding something in my hands that I made. Maybe I never got over the “I did it myself!” kid phase? ☺️

  64. I love arts & crafts as it gives me great creative outlet
    I like to make things for myself & my home
    I love giving gifts 2 friends and family that are special to them

  65. I love working on arts and crafts projects because they are a form of relaxation for me and are unique to your specifications.

  66. I enjoy crafting because I feel like it is a way to add beauty to the world around me.
    I’m beginning a “free art” project soon, giving projects away to friends. I want to bless others and I think sharing my art is a way to do that.

  67. I love making things just because! I love using all of the cool supplies that exist and I’m always game for learning some new type of craft. This is a fabulous site!!

  68. I love the peace, creative outlet and relaxation crafting brings, needlework in particular. I especially enjoy crafting as I LOVE giving gifts and giving something you’ve made yourself brings a unique satisfaction.

  69. Why? I really had to think about this! Why is it fun? Why satisfying? Something about choosing the raw materials and putting something together. Two colors that pop. Or fabric and design that is just right together. Solving a problem and troubleshooting, and in the end you get something unique and beautiful and made by hand!

  70. Sewing, knitting, embroidery, crochet, I love them all! They are my favorite sanity preservation techniques when things get crazy!

  71. I like working on arts & crafts for so many reasons. It is a good stress reliever. I got back into making things while I was pregnant with my first child, I made a cross-stitch stocking.

  72. I can’t imagine going a single day without making something – crafting nurtures my creativity, combats stress, and gives me a sense of accomplishment!

  73. I love working on arts and crafts projects as a way of meditation! It’s a way for me to de-stress and take a breather.

  74. I love working on arts and crafts projects because makes me feel happy. It’s a great opportunity to challenge myself and a wonderful feeling see what you are capable to do with your own hands! Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway, fingers crossed 😉

  75. I love working on craft projects because I feel connected to the generations of women before me who have done the same thing and working with my hands helps me feel grounded.

  76. I love working on arts and craft projects because I find I’m more relaxed and calmer afterwards. Plus it’s fun!

  77. My job is tiring and taxing physically and mentally. It is common for me to dealing with several challenges simultaneously. Plus I have two teenage children. Creating things makes me happy and relaxed. When I am creative, I get to focus my attention and energy on one thing. A lovely side effect of being creative: people smile and feel good when I give them handmade gifts.

  78. I work on arts and crafts because in a world of technology and automation things you make with your hands are the most imperfectly beautiful!! I am so happy to blessed with that gift!!

  79. Arts and crafts can be very meditative for me. I can also get through all of the dull spots throughout the workday thinking about my new project at home!

  80. I learned to embroider when I was a teenager. It was hard to find beautiful designs that weren’t really old fashioned. I guess I lost interest. Now I see clever people like Rebecca Ringquist doing such beautiful, modern, colourful work. It’s so inspiring and my fingers are itching to stitch again….

  81. I love arts & crafts because I love creating an object that is utterly unique. Even when using a pattern or class, the tools I choose and my foibles and mistakes make a one-of-a-kind result. And making stuff just feels good.

  82. I love crafts because I love textiles and materials and tools! And then you have something special you made by hand.

  83. Crafts relax me and give me something enjoyable to do with my hands. I love the release and joy of having made something.

  84. There is no one answer for my need and love to be creative. I suppose if I had to choose one of the many reasons it would be because how cathartic bein a creative is. It has saved me the last 18 months. My husband had a massive stroke at 46 last year and he is now completely immobile and totally dependent on me for everythin. If I didnt have a creative outlet I may not have made it throuh these last few months. My hubby is very ill and probably only has a couple years left, if that. Expressing myself through art is my happy place. Some days I can et him to paint a little too, which has proved to be a very important part of stroke therapy. So I would say art and bein a creative person has saved my life for sure.

  85. Crafting and especially embroidery is like a puzzle, figuring out new stitches, and so easy to take on the go and relaxing to watch something beautiful emerge.

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