1. Could you please tell me when Yao Cheng’s 3 & 4 classes will be released?
    I’m guessing next month?
    And will Lisa Congdon be doing any more classes?

    • Hi there! Yao’s next two classes are scheduled to go live at the end of April. And we certainly hope to do some more classes with Lisa! I believe a discussion is going on right now.

  2. Hi There,

    Will there be any classes from Livia Cetti? I love the paper flowers she shows. I tried both the videos and the flowers turned out awesome. I even purchased her book after learning through the class.

  3. I am new to this site and am confused about how to access the March releases such as the ‘Fabric Design’ series. I asked this question last week and did not receive a reply. Please kindly reply.

    • Hi Joyce,

      You’ll notice that each class listed has a date next to it. That’s because this is the list of the classes that we are releasing in March and the dates that they are going live. Not all of them are on the site yet, but they will be soon. All you need to do to see our newest releases is head to the homepage that day and there will be a big ol’ image pointing you straight to the class page. You can also use our search bar to find classes that have already gone live, or the category drop-down menus to search that way.

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