DIY Santa Bananas


Santa Bananas are like Elf on the Shelf, but with potassium.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that you haven’t decorated your fruit bowl for the holidays and speaking of which what kind of monster are you?

If it’s not red and green and sporting a pom pom or glitter, people will think you’re some kind of heartless scrooge and stop being friends with you. You’ll get socks as presents, and not even cool, funky-patterned ones. Your pets will start ignoring you. Toddlers will roll their eyes at you.

So now that you’re properly motivated to “get your holiday spirit on” as my super-cool aunt likes to say, let’s dive in to making:

Santa Bananas



  • Bananas (and don’t give me that “I only had sweet potatoes” line. Go. Go buy a banana.)
  • Red felt
  • White felt
  • White pom poms
  • A hot glue gun
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes

Step 1: Cut Out Hat

Cut out the hat. Measure your banana’s girth, please with a measuring tape, and then cut two roughly triangular pieces of felt. I recommend curving one edge to accommodate the natural curve of the banana and to make the final project more closely resemble a floppy Santa hat.

Because these are all about accuracy.


Step 2: Stitch Up One Side


Step 3: Add Pom Pom


Step 4: Add a Beard

Cut out a jolly beard (i.e., not a mustache) and glue it to the face of your ‘nanner.


Step 5: Add Eyes

Because how else will Santa Banana know if you’re sleeping?


Step 6: Stick on a shelf until Christmas and then gift it to your least-favorite relative as a “soft-ish lump of coal.”


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