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Calling all DIY enthusiasts, this ones for you! We are dedicating the month of March to all things wedding. We have teamed up with Cricut, Wilton, Studio Choo, and Maybelle Imasa to bring you the ultimate DIY wedding giveaway.

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Heres how to participate:

  1. Enter the Rafflecopter widget below
  2. Screenshot and share your favorite Creativebug Wedding Classes to Instagram and use the hashtag #CBWeddedBliss
  3. Follow Creativebug, Wilton, Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls, and Studio Choo on Instagram
  4. In 4 lines or less, describe your dream wedding in the comment section on the blog.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

ONE lucky winner will receive the following:

  1. 6 months of unlimited access to Creativebug
  2. Cricut Explore Air® with Lia Griffith Exclusive Bundle
  3. The Flower Recipe Book by Studio Choo
  4. Custom Calligraphy Kit by Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls
  5. Recollections® Cardstock Paper in Feathered Green
  6. Three packages of Celebrate It® tissue paper
  7. Five Unique® tissue gift wrap, one in each color: orange, pink, purple, yellow, green
  8. Fiskar® Rotary Cutter
  9. Fiskar® 2 Piece Cutting Set
  10. Imaginisce Hot Glue Gun + Package Glue Sticks
  11. Cricut® tools:
    1. Cricut® Metallic pen set
    2. Cricut® Poster board
    3. Cricut® Weeder
    4. Roll Cricut® Vinyl 12″x48″
    5. Roll Cricut® Window Cling 12″x48″
    6. Three rolls Cricut® Iron-On 12″x19″
  12. Assorted Wilton® tools
    1. Turntable
    2. Straight Spatula
    3. Angled Spatula
    4. Silicone Spatula
    5. Decorator Icing
    6. 8 in. Recipe Right Round Pan
    7. Bake Easy Spray
    8. Leveler
    9. 10 in. Cake Circles
    10. Spray-N-Seal Crumb Sealing Spray
    11. Piping Gel
    12. Decorating Bags
    13. Cake Lifter
    14. 9 in. Fondant Roller
    15. Round Fondant Double Cut-Outs Set
    16. Silver Color Mist
    17. Meringue Powder
    18. Twist Quick Coupler Set
    19. Decorating Tips: 1M, 2A, 352, 67 and 366
    20. Icing Colors: Lemon Yellow, Peach, Ivory, Teal, Kelly Green


Contest begins Tuesday, March 1st at 12:00 am and ends Friday, April 1st  at 12:00 am.

Phew, that was definitely a mouthful. We hope you’re all just as excited as we are.

Congratulations to Lexan Jaravata!


  1. A sunny afternoon surrounded by all those we love, nestled in the rolling hills of Virginia in our own little magical bubble… champagne flowing from sunset into a magical evening under the stars, lanterns hanging from the trees and love in the air.

  2. A sun soaked day surrounded by those we love, followed by a champagne fueled evening of dancing under the stars.

  3. My dream wedding will take place at my home church surrounded by all of our friends & family. The sun will be shining & the joy will be contagious!

  4. My dream wedding is a beautiful day where everyone eats great food and has a lot of fun. It’s a sunny day, it’s warm (not too hot!) and the view from the mountain we are sitting in is marvelous. I hope all my hard work will make my dream a reality!

  5. A small and intimate garden party with the people closest to our hearts. I’m all for homemade items to add our personal touch, so DIY invitations, bouquets and decorations are the way to go! A self-baked wedding cake would be ideal too! Fingers crossed, our upcoming wedding would be just as magical as we dreamt it to be. <3

  6. My dream wedding consists of a romantic winter-inspired themed ceremony/reception with my incredible husband-to-be, surrounded by all our loved ones and friends in the city we plan to call home!

  7. My dream wedding is a peaceful, beautiful ceremony. My dad walks me down the aisle and dances with me at the reception. Everyone is happy and excited. Surrounded by family and friends.

  8. My Dream wedding was my reality, a small intimate affair on a stunning secluded beach in Hawaii surrounded by the people I love the most, with lots of handmade touches. The favors hand woven Hawaiian palm boxes and I created clay orchids to top them. Inside included local Hawaiian cookies, with fresh sourced fruits. I hand lettered the place settings and menus. My mother decorated our reception tables using Hawaiian ferns, stones and flowers we collected. It was truly a dream, like is giveaway!

  9. My dream wedding would be outdoors by the calm ocean breeze or the meadows and greens hills or an apple orchard somewhere peaceful and it would be spring not too hot.
    I would be in a beautiful mermaid dress and all our family and friends would be there. There would be a live band and DJ and mariachi. There would be sparkles and bling all around the ceremony and reception.
    Lots of fresh flowers and hand made paper and fabric flowers.

    A special dance for the bride and groom. I would have a end of the wedding dress also. Many cupcakes and one cake with lots of bling on them. Chocolate covered strawberries and ice cream.
    We would have a candy bar and a photo booth for hours and hours letting our guests feel no rush. We would all enjoy a slide show of the pictures from our dating years and enjoy cocktails during this time. Our wedding would be filled with lots of love and happiness!

    Couldn’t ask for more would be the best day and lots of pictures and video!!

  10. Dream wedding? We will be celebrating 26 years of marriage on March 31st and I would love to renew our vows! Standing in front of our friends and family on a beach somewhere warm would be just what the doctor ordered!! Nothing big but small and intimate would suit me just fine!!
    Great prize package for the lucky winner!! Thanks for the chance to win so many amazing products!

  11. I wouldn’t change a thing about my wedding but I would add a honeymoon. My perfect wedding just simply involves my love, Mike.

  12. Simple wedding in my yard, many many flowers, a wall like Lia did my favorite Creativebug Wedded <3 So lovely! Family and friends together, good food, happiness and grateful time all together.

  13. well I was married once and had an awesome wedding the theme was The ADDAMS Family and everyone had to be in costume hehe people still talk about it and how much fun they had….sadly that marrige ended in divorce but we remained good friends. For my next wedding I am thinking something lighter still with my shades of purple( I love all shades of purple hehe) not sure of a theme yet but I do like Fairies so maybe something in a fantasy theme simple with lots of friend, family and fun 🙂

  14. My dream wedding is full of lots of light, tons of food, All my best friends and family, and I’d go crazy of the DIY! All the table settings DIY, flowers, photo books, photography display, and I want a big huge candy bar with bags/boxes that guests can fill as a thank you for coming to the wedding 🙂

  15. Dream wedding for me would be a wedding weekend in Jamaica or Hawaii with family and friends enjoy each other’s company??

  16. A dream wedding would be one where creative talents are more of a focus, rather than spending a fortune on a venue and trappings. Favors centerpiece a and decorations would all be handmade and from the heart. It would be outdoors in some scenic location, laid back, and lots of fun.

  17. My dream wedding would be an outdoor wedding in a forest. I love the outdoors and love the trees and greenery of Washington state.

  18. Dream wedding- square dancing and barbecue in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with all of our family and friends. Fun and stress free!

  19. Planning my dream wedding right now! It’s going to be romantic and ethereal with lots of DIY touches that are personal to our relationship!

  20. My dream is to have a DIY lavender and lace wedding in an Indian summer weather, not too hot and not chilly either. In the garden near a beach with all our families and close friends. Before the wedding I will do all the paper stuffs such as invitation, program, packaging for my macaron give-always.

    Reception will be simple with delicious food and great wines. There will be a slide presentation of my husband and I when we were young. Dancing of course! and lots of fun. Love will be flowing all around on that special day.

  21. Lots of light, tons of food, and all my friends and family. I want lots of flowers, a candy buffet, and a gorgeous wedding cake!

  22. I would love to have a totally handmade, commercial free wedding. I have started but, winning these things would make it more fun and easier.

  23. Backyard wedding with family and close friends, complete DIY with paper flowers, Edison lights, and homemade food.

  24. My dream wedding would be for my daughter to have one beautiful day to start off a life full of love with her new husband. Her way, with my help.

  25. My dream wedding would actually be a vow renewal with my husband of 33 years, celebrated on a beautiful beach with lots of handcrafted elements, and with our children and grandchildren there to witness that a long-lasting relationship is possible with lots of love and hard work!

  26. My dream wedding would either be to a tropical island so I could do diving afterwards or to Africa so I could spend a couple weeks on a photo safari of all the animals in the wild.

  27. My dream wedding is vintage in theme and takes place in a rustic barn with views of the gorgeous Vermont mountains. Friends and family gather to celebrate and the atmosphere is filled with love, hope and happiness!

  28. My dream wedding includes my family and close friends, a reception filled with home-cooked Mexican food, a honeymoon in Greece, and my best friend as the groom.

  29. I would love to renew our vows the second time around this will be our 28th year together, I couldn’t ask for a better husband, he is wonderful, I hope we win. This would be the icing on the “wedding cake” if it was to happen!

  30. this would be part of my fantasy life! it would be another chapter in the novel “My dream life with the perfect partner” by Sherry Conn- renew wedding vows after 28 years!

  31. My dream wedding consists of a romantic winter-inspired themed ceremony/reception with my incredible husband-to-be, surrounded by all our loved ones and friends in the city we plan to call home!

  32. My dream wedding will happen in a field of wild poppy flowers,while Kusturica s wedding band will be playing and it will be according to tradition, one week long party with a lot of food, drinks, music, flowers and dancing on the table.

  33. A dream wedding for me would be something with lots of handmade charm and beautiful flowers. And of course family and friends!

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